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The M/Y Illusion I, the latest jewel from the Benetti family, will be one of the stars at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show. The 58 meter four decked steel and aluminium M/Y, built at the Benetti Livorno shipyard, was designed by Green & Mingarelli for a European Owner.
The upcoming Monaco yacht Show will be the perfect showcase for Illusion I, the new 58 meters M/Y that consolidates Benetti’s leadership in the over 40 meter displacement hull market. Illusion I, whose external design is the beautiful result of the Benetti design team with considerable input from the Owner and his design staff, has four decks plus a sun-deck. Designed for commercial charter use, the Owner will also use her privately, thanks to a layout that includes one Vip and four guest cabins, in addition to the owners cabin, giving her a total capacity of 12 + 1 passengers.
The Lower deck is given over to the guests. Aft, we have a beach area with an ample bar zone and a stylish finish: here the Owner wanted to have the same level of decor as found in the guest areas. The beach area is distinctly separate from the garage, which opens laterally for launching and recovering the tender and the two jet skis. There is also generous room in the garage for wetsuits and diving gear. Moving forward, beyond the engine rooms, we enter the Vip cabin. Located amidships, the cabin takes full advantage of almost eleven meters of beam. The spectacular bathroom is placed parallel to the vessels side, offering a priceless view. Then we have the other guest cabins, each obviously with a private bathroom: three twins (one with a third pullman bunk) and one double. On the same deck, but completely separate, we have the crew quarters, with four single crew cabins and a double for the chief engineer, each with its own bathroom. There is separate access to all decks from the crew quarters, guaranteeing maximum privacy for the guests and increasing the crews efficiency in service.
The Main Deck cockpit, the first area to be found when coming aboard, is very spacious. A large c-shaped sofa with twin coffee table and comfortable lounge chairs has its own complete corner bar. The main salon is dominated by the Owners refreshing choice of locating the dinner table for ten next to the entryway: it is entirely dedicated to entertainment. And thanks to the aft location of the air vents, the area is very spacious and bright – the walls are fully in glass
and fill the room with a splendid natural light. And for even more light, on deck the gunwales in front of the windows have been lowered to view the sea from inside and literally inundate the salon with light. Main salon is furnished with three large sofas, supplied by the Owner, along with a low table and a retractable wide screen TV. From forward, the bar overlooks it all.
The owners interior designer, in collaboration with the Benetti design office, personally chose the style of furnishings and décor, with a dominant theme in pink, while the choice and combination of the materials used is quite special. Travertine, wood, and several kinds of marble alternate with other more unusual materials: ray-skin, coco or slivers of mother of pearl. In the guest area all the walls are covered with black walnut panels, with a special design: to augment contrast and movement, the walnut panels are alternated with parchment
covered panels. The parchment is very difficult to work with, but the yards artisans managed to completely satisfy the owners needs and the grain evident in the chosen materials creates a very suggestive contrast. The Lalique crystal insets add yet another touch of elegance, and reflect the natural lighting. The ivory leather ceilings complete the effect of space and light.
Passing from the salon to the main foyer, with its majestic stairway connecting the three decks and the crew area, then enter the modern galley. Its granite finishings, along with a custom made refrigerator, two large ovens, burners, deep fryer, and two wok burners, put it on a level with the best five star kitchens. A dumbwaiter connects the main deck pantry with the upper deck pantry.
After the foyer, we enter into the Owners suite. The cabin, proceeded by a relax area, is full beam with large lateral windows and a beautiful sofa to one side. The owners bathroom, just like the Vip bathroom, is entirely finished with an onyx décor, with both sinks in carved marble.
Extremely spacious, with two entryways and his and her dressing rooms, it includes an enormous central shower, a bathtub and twin toilets. With the many details that make this yacht so special, also note the custom finished Rose Gold faucets in all the bathrooms. Another characteristic of this area is its complete silence. Noise and vibration reduction throughout the yacht was a specific request made by the Owner, and the Benetti technicians, together with a Danish company specialized in noise reduction, succeeded admirably. This is why everything is double sealed and there is carpet in the crew area.
Informal evenings are hosted on the open Upper deck, where we find the 14 place dinner table and mobile bar; while inside there is another small salon with sofas, entertainment area, and a corner bar. Fun and relaxation are the central themes that determine the upper deck layout, where we also find a small movie theater (which if needs be, can be converted into an extra cabin), a wine cellar and a cold-box for cigars. Moving forward we find the entryway into the crews quarters, with a cabin for the chief stewardess, the captains cabin, and the radio room with direct access to the bridge. Here we have yet a further example of high technology, with five large touchscreens that integrate all the command, management and monitoring functions of the ships systems.
From the stern, we now come to the Sun deck and all its features. A marvelous mosaic Jacuzzi is surrounded by sunbathing recliners, mobile bar, barbecue grill and dinette. The whole area can be sheltered from the wind thanks to a double sliding-doored veranda, but the six window skylight always leaves a view of the starry heavens. All the external furnishings are in dark painted teak while the marble is rustic travertine.
Whether inside or outside, all lighting aboard is furnished by a highly customized LED illumination system, with the possibility to individually control each fixture and create infinitely refined lighting scenarios.
And in following the Benetti tradition, the Under lower deck is devoted exclusively to the yachts systems. Including the engine room, the deck also has a large cold room with refrigerators, icebox, an area reserved exclusively for all the infotainment systems aboard, and an ample laundry room. There is also a service elevator connecting this deck to the main deck.
Performance wise, Illusion I is very kind in a seaway, and has a 15 knot fast cruising speed. At the 12 knot normal cruising speed, the Illusion has a 5,000 nautical mile range. Propulsion is provided by twin CAT 3512C motors, developing 1,380 kw each. Generators are twin CAT C9 Gensets for 200 kw each, plus a third CAT C4.4 generator for 82 kw.
Illusion I is a very refined yacht with a very original décor, designed to furnish maximum possible comfort at sea, with record low levels of noise and vibration, and proudly maintains Benetti’s high class reputation worldwide.
Illusion I will be available to charter in the Caribbean and Bahamas through Camper & Nicholsons International, at a weekly rate starting from $350,000. For more information on chartering Illusion I, please go to Camper & Nicholsons International – Illusion I.


Benetti Ocean Paradise is the biggest yacht at Cannes Yachting Festival 2014

Ocean PacificOcean Paradise is a 55 meters in aluminum and steel and it based on a consolidated and tested Benetti platform, yet rich with innovative contents, especially with regards to partitioning, interior design, decor and fitting out.

With Ocean Paradise, Benetti gives further proof of their second to none capability in interpreting and adapting to Owner’s requests. Many elements make this yacht an example of custom avantguard solutions: from the furnishings to the highly elaborate illumination plan, with the use of novel architectural solutions and the combination of both transparent and opaque materials that emphasize the traditional relationship with the sea, or a more contemporary look and feel, as required. All this is coordinated and managed by BEST(Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology), the proven domotic system adopted by the yard aboard several vessels and very much appreciated by Owners and crew.

Ocean PacificThe Benetti Ocean Paradise  was also conceived to fulfill the specific need of the charter activities, but despite this is characterized by several notable one of a kind elements, such as the designer’s research for solutions that guarantee communication between adjacent environments and especially with the sea, even while relaxing in the main saloon or lunch area. This was obtained by the intense study and development of the height of the opaque elements, and the adoption of plexiglass and crystal materials, with the absence of bulwarks in the floor to ceiling windows in the salon. Minimalist, but never cold, and always connected with the sea: these were some of the guidelines given by the Owner for the development of this project. The Benetti team of interior and exterior designers interpreted the desires of the Owner, bringing it to an ideal fruition from both the technical and esthetic/functional points of view.


The new motor-yacht My Paradis was launched with the Owner in attendance; the first of three 108-foot Tradition Supremes, the new entry level tri-deck in the Benetti Class Range Displacement line. The yacht will officially debuts at next Cannes Yachting Festival (9-14 September 2014).

20140622-130033-46833552.jpgImportant innovations in the engine room too: the new yacht has been equipped with a new hybrid system that will allow to navigate, as well as with the traditional main engines, also using two 35 kW electric motors.

With the launching of My Paradis, Benetti unveils the new Tradition Supreme 108′, part of the Benetti Class Range Displacement line of composite yachts from 93′-145′. In doing so, Benetti reinforces its leadership position, with the new Tradition Supreme 108′ featuring extremely innovative stylistic and technical elements.

IMG_0415With exteriors by Stefano Righini, the vessel includes three decks and a sun deck. The sun deck is this boat’s hallmark feature. Its carbon fibre roll bar, upper section of the superstructure and hard top have been selected to ensure a lightweight structure with enhanced stability. The sun deck is also noteworthy for its circulation. There are two access points, an internal and external one, which provide maximum privacy for the Owner and guests. Indeed, the entire sun deck has been made use of. In addition to the stunning Jacuzzi and elegant dining table for 10 in the centre, there is also comfortable sunpad seating towards the stern and a sofa with forward facing storage next to the exterior piloting station.

On the upper deck, there is a skylounge with windows on three sides and a sliding door leading out to the exterior salon for amazing views. It is also equipped with a spectacular Turkish bath complete with skylight so you can lie back and relax, gazing up at the sky.

IMG_0285The interiors accentuate the sense of space and light using contrasting colours and shadows.
The walls are clad with different thickness decking arranged in a random pattern. This makes for a very unusual 3D effect with a play of light and shadow, further accentuated by the large amounts of glazing connecting the interior and exterior spaces. The light-drenched quality of the interiors is also enhanced by the pairing of light oak with darker wood that lets the natural light reflect off the different angled surfaces.
The light design also includes strategically located LEDs to recreate the same effect after daylight hours.

IMG_0036The decision to use 3D dynamic walls rather than smooth ones provides a kind of interactive background that actually accommodates a wide range of décor options, offering ample customisation opportunities. On the Tradition Supreme 108′ the Owner can choose from a wide array of furnishing options, depending on their personal style and brand preferences.

As a case in point, the main deck of My Paradis has a very interesting custom layout. The area traditionally devoted to the dining area has been integrated with the salon, creating a single open space that includes a lounge and bar area. The room is filled with natural light and enjoys uninterrupted and breathtaking water views thanks to its full-height windows. The designers also took a very innovative approach and lowered the exterior washboard to match the glass height, virtually eliminating any visual barrier between the interiors and the water beyond. The washboard is also “cut back” at the full-height window in the Owner’s cabin, allowing natural light to fill the suite to great effect.

IMG_9645Per Owner request, the crew dinette on My Paradis is located on the main deck instead of the lower deck; in its place is a large refrigeration unit.

The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests. There are four VIP cabins on the lower deck. The Owner’s apartment is on the main deck at full beam. There is a sense of drama in the bathrooms, where the same “interactive” finishes have been used, this time in the 100% mosaic showers. Here too there is a play of uneven surfaces, again reinforced by strategically placed LEDs.

Important innovations in the engine room too: in accordance with the emerging trends in the market, the yacht has been equipped with a new hybrid system that will allow you to navigate, as well as the traditional main engines, also using two 35 kW electric motors connected directly to the regulators / inverters of the main diesel-electric propulsion. The electric motors are powered directly by generators allowing to navigate up to a speed of about 6 knots. On-board generators are used as the only source of propulsion and power for various devices. This configuration will allow to minimize noise and vibration while maximizing comfort.

The electric one is also an auxiliary propulsion in support of the main motor. Just to give an example, the efficiency guaranteed by a low power motor (35 kW) at low speed (6/7 nodes), typical in night transfers, is certainly better than a more powerful engine which can not be used too long in this mode.

To maximise onboard comfort and reduce energy use, the boatyard has equipped My Paradis as well as all Benetti Class models with a CMC Marine electrical fin stabiliser. Compared to traditional systems, the electrical pin stabilisers ensure reduced noise, increased functionality, reduced electricity usage, and ease of maintenance.20140622-125947-46787384.jpg

Benetti Lady Candy: 56 metri di stile, classe e prestazioni superiori

In un connubio perfetto tra Oriente e Occidente, Lady Candy offre tutto ciò che è comfort, bellezza e tecnologia per una navigazione in totale relax Lo stile dei maestri dello yacht design italiano e l’elevata capacità tecnologica sono del cantiere Benetti, il magico tocco orientale proviene dall’Armatore per uno yacht di 56 metri la cui classe è pari solo alle eccellenti prestazioni. Questa è Lady Candy, che si è aggiudicata l’Asia Boating Award 2014 nella categoria “Best Worldwide Yacht Custom Built”


Il M/Y Lady Candy (unità n. FB260) è stata varata dal Cantiere Benetti di Livorno lo scorso fine Maggio 2013. Completamente in acciaio e alluminio è un’imbarcazione di 56 metri costruita su una piattaforma navale collaudata e di grande affidabilità perché già utilizzata su precedenti yacht. Per il Lady Candy solo in parte modificata con il riposizionamento della timoneria sul sun deck e il conseguente allargamento del baglio. “Lady Candy” abbina uno spazio interno degno di un 56 metri a prestazioni eccellenti, con quasi 17 nodi di velocità massima e un comfort che si traduce in stabilità e vibrazioni associate a rumori praticamente inesistenti.

L’architettura navale di “Lady Candy”, pensata da Benetti insieme allo studio di progettazione Central Yacht del Comandante Paul Brackley, che si è occupato dell’ external styling, non tradiscono l’eleganza senza tempo di tutti gli yacht Benetti ma al contempo si arricchiscono di una incisiva contemporaneità: l’imponenza di una nave di 962 tonnellate rimane slanciata e i cinque ponti sono esaltati da un armonioso movimento che nasce dal contrasto delle lunghe finestrature circolari scure dei ponti superiori con lo scafo bianco. L’esperto Armatore, di origine orientale, amante del mare e grande appassionato di diving, intende utilizzare Lady Candy insieme alla famiglia e agli amici. Ha partecipato in modo molto attivo alla progettazione della propria imbarcazione dando un forte segno di personalizzazione alla compartimentazione interna disegnata per lui da Central Yacht. Per esempio, è stata un’esplicita richiesta dell’Armatore quella di dare priorità alle aree interne rispetto a quelle esterne, realizzando il gigantesco ed emozionale salone principale di 88 metri quadrati sul main deck o quella di spostare la sua cabina e quella della figlia sul ponte superiore per avere la massima privacy.


Lo stile e l’arredamento degli interni, anche questi seguiti dal proprietario in prima persona, sono stati sviluppati da Central Yacht e dallo studio statunitense di architettura d’interni BAMO, che già aveva seguito il furnishing di altre proprietà immobiliari dell’Armatore. Gli ambienti sono sobri e accoglienti – predomina la radica abbinata a colori tenui come lilla e giada – e rispecchiano un appeal “internazionale” che accomuna l’oriente all’occidente. Gli architetti, i designer ed i progettisti, insieme all’Armatore, hanno elaborato un oggetto di design slegato dalle mode mantenendo alta l’attenzione alla qualità di ogni minimo dettaglio. Qualità che si realizza anche nel ricreare ambienti “su misura” per l’Owner e per le sue specifiche esigenze. Per esempio, per un appassionato di diving e subacquea, non poteva mancare in prossimità della plancia di poppa una beach area completamente attrezzata di bar, gymnasium, bagno turco, bagno e zona living con doppio accesso per ospiti e crew.

Lady Candy si sviluppa su quattro ponti principali collegati da un ascensore centrale che si apre su eleganti lobby dalle quali si accede ai vari ambienti. A questi ponti si aggiunge un under lower deck in cui si trovano parte della sala macchine, i locali tecnici, i necessari locali di stivaggio per garantire l’effettiva autonomi, la lavanderia ed gli altri locali di servizio). Nel lower deck si trovano le quattro cabine degli ospiti, due gemelle con letto matrimoniale e due con letti divisibili, tutte dotate di scrittoio-vanity, grandi armadi e ampi bagni. Verso prua, con acceso separato, si trovano i cinque alloggi e gli ambienti comuni destinati ai 12 membri di equipaggio. A poppavia invece è posizionata la grande sala macchine e, ancora più a poppa, si trova il beach club adiacente alla spiaggia esterna che si affaccia direttamente al mare: luogo perfetto per le attività di diving dell’Armatore.

Il main deck accoglie gli ospiti con l’enorme salone, un bar e una lobby area con ampi divani per il relax e la grande sala da pranzo con tavolo circolare per 14 persone, oltre al day toilet. Più a prua, a dritta, c’è la cucina professionale e, di fronte, una sala cinema con schermo di 70’’ e casse dolby surround. Ancora più a pruavia si raggiunge il garage con il tender da 7,3 metri, modello TS 73 della Tendershipyard, che viene messo in mare aprendo un portellone laterale attraverso un semplice sistema di alaggio e varo. L’operatore infatti è posizionato in alto e, indipendentemente dalle condizioni meteo, riesce facilmente a controllare con una semplice cima la manovra dal garage. Il garage ospita anche due jet ski, giochi destinati al divertimento in acqua ed un vano capiente per lo smaltimento dei rifiuti, estremamente utile durante crociere di lungo corso. A poppa del salone si apre il grande pozzetto con un enorme divano e poltroncine.


L’upper deck di “Lady Candy” è destinato all’Armatore e alla figlia, a cui è dedicata la barca, o altri ospiti di prestigio. Qui infatti si trovano la suite armatoriale e la Vip. Quest’ultima, a prua, gode di una meravigliosa vista sul mare grazie alla finestratura circolare di 180° ed è arredata con dressing room, vanity, divano, e locale toilette con lavandini per lei e lui, doccia e vasca da bagno. Oltre la cabina si trova l’esclusiva terrazza VIP. Gli ospiti di riguardo non saranno mai disturbati dall’equipaggio potendo disporre di un  accesso, riservato al loro uso esclusivo, che dal garage del tender porta al ponte di prua.

L’appartamento del Proprietario si trova a poppa e comprende un salone panoramico, uno studio privato, una zona lounge, un grande bagno con doppia toilette separata da una doccia. L’Armatore gode anche di una terrazza privata con accesso diretto dalla vetrata panoramica circolare che racchiude l’area dove si trova la stanza da letto vera e propria. Su questo ponte è stata inserita una massage room, un elemento tipico della cultura Orientale. Il sun deck, oltre a ospitare la sala comando, si presenta come una grande terrazza sotto il sole attrezzata con divanerie, Jacuzzi, area cottura attrezzata con cappa aspirante e maxi tavolo da pranzo. L’angolo bar è dotato di sgabelli a scomparsa che il Cantiere ha progettato su misura per rispondere ad una precisa richiesta dell’Armatore.


Per quanto riguarda le prestazioni, “Lady Candy” consente andature sostenute e un ottimo comfort di navigazione. La velocità massima raggiunge quasi i 17 nodi, mentre quella di crociera si attesta a 16 circa. A 12 nodi, andatura economica, l’autonomia è di 5.000 miglia nautiche. In sala macchine si trovano due MTU 12V 4000 da 1.320 kW ciascuno e due generatori Cat C9 Genset da 175 kW ciascuno.

Imbarcazione estremamente raffinata e casa perfetta per chi si trova sul mare, di dimensioni proporzionate e volumi ottimamente sfruttati che le consentono di raggiungere anche piccole baie e di sostare in porti non troppo affollati, Lady Candy rappresenta la classe riconosciuta a livello mondiale del Cantiere Benetti.

Molto soddisfatto Paul Brackely, comandante e manager di Central yacht che ha curato insieme al cantiere concept, exterior style and interior plan: “Questo è il terzo progetto con Benetti, cominciando con il primo nel 2005: il 65m Ambrosia, premiatissimo ed altamente tecnologico, a propulsione ibrida diesel-elettrica; il primo yacht al mondo con gli ABB compact Azipod, seguito poi dal 60m Xanadu vincitore nel 2009 del “Best of the Best” di Robb Report, nella categoria charter yacht.. Ambrosia fu il primo progetto in cui Central Yacht agì per conto dell’Armatore. Lady Candy è invece il primo yacht ad essere stato sviluppato direttamente da noi, e si è rivelato essere un incredibile successo, ricevendo diverse nomination in concorsi di design, oltre a numerosi articoli dedicati. Central Yacht può vantare una lista di collaborazioni di successo con Benetti, il che ha significato per l’Armatore poter contare su una collaborazione sinergica fra le due aziende sempre in sintonia durante tutte le fasi di costruzione, risultata poi nella realizzazione di uno yacht straordinario, e che sicuramente ha rappresentato un valore aggiunto. Abbiamo sviluppato un profilo assolutamente originale ed un progetto per l’interior design basato su una piattaforma tecnica Benetti di grande successo. Questo ha dato al cliente la sicurezza di avere uno yacht unico nel design e dalle performance garantite, senza dimenticare che la consegna è avvenuta prima dei termini stabiliti e nel pieno rispetto dei budget. Benetti e Central Yacht hanno lavorato insieme per sviluppare nuove soluzioni di design in risposta ai problemi più pratici di gestione dello yacht con il risultato finale di consegnare all’Armatore una barca molto facile da manovrare e da mantenere. Scegliamo il cantiere Benetti non solo per l’assoluta eccellenza costruttiva ma anche per la sua flessibilità e disponibilità che consente all’Armatore di essere coinvolto con molta più soddisfazione nelle fasi di costruzione.”


A private ceremony has been organized in order to celebrate the delivery with the Owner and his family. Among the guests, Paolo Vitelli – Azimut Benetti Group Chairman and Founder -, Vincenzo Poerio – CEO Megayacht Division -, Paul Brackley from Central Yachts together with the rest of Benetti’s management and staff including technical personnel and workers involved in the construction.

Based on a particularly successful Benetti’s naval platform, Lady Candy has been built in steel while superstructure is made with aluminium.

Length waterline at full load: 47.6 m about
Overall beam: 10.60 m
Total fresh water capacity: 18,000 Litres about
Total fuel capacity: 130,000 Litres about
Max speed, at half load condition: 15.5 knots.
Cruise speed, at half load condition, at 85% MCR: 15 knots.
Range at 12 knots: 5,000 nautical miles.

Benetti Mizar is the new Floating Life central for charter

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