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Benetti unveils the images of M/Y “OCEAN PARADISE” – FB 263. World debut 25th September at Monaco Yacht Show 2013 (25-28 September)

The Benetti m/y Ocean Paradise (FB 263) was recently launched at the Benetti Livorno yard. The yacht will debut with its world avant-premiere at the next Monaco Yacht Show 2013 (25-28 September) Built in aluminum and steel, this 55 meter vessel is based on a consolidated and tested Benetti platform, yet rich with innovative contents, especially with regards to partitioning, interior design, decor and fitting out.

Ocean Pacific

With Ocean Paradise, Benetti gives further proof of their second to none capability in interpreting and adapting to Owner’s requests. Many elements make this yacht an example of custom avantguard solutions: from the furnishings to the highly elaborate illumination plan, with the use of novel architectural solutions and the combination of both transparent and opaque materials that emphasize the traditional relationship with the sea, or a more contemporary look and feel, as required.

Ocean Pacific

All this is coordinated and managed by BEST (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology), the proven domotic system adopted by the yard aboard several vessels and very much appreciated by Owners and crew.

Many of these innovations aboard Ocean Paradise have been specifically developed by the yard’s technicians and designers, based on specific requests by the Owner – a dynamic young businessman from Singapore – who was always closely involved in the phases of design and construction.

Ocean Pacific

The Benetti Ocean Paradise was also conceived to fulfill the specific need of the charter activities,but despite this is characterized by several notable one of a kind elements, such as the designer’s research for solutions that guarantee communication between adjacent environments and especially with the sea, even while relaxing in the main saloon or lunch area. This was obtained by the intense study and development of the height of the opaque elements, and the adoption of plexiglass and crystal materials, with the absence of bulwarks in the floor to ceiling windows in the salon.

Ocean Pacific

Minimalist, but never cold, and always connected with the sea: these were some of the guidelines given by the Owner for the development of this project. The Benetti team of interior and exterior designers interpreted the desires of the Owner, bringing it to an ideal fruition from both the technical and esthetic/functional points of view.

Ocean Pacific

There are four guest cabins, all located on the lower deck, with access from a central hall connected to the main deck foyer. Each cabin has its own spacious bath, and a view of the sea is guaranteed by ample portholes. The Owner’s suite is located on the forward portion of the main deck, and stretches the full width of the yacht. This environment, both in size and position, is also unique for aspects such as expansive bathroom suite and a side terrace (balcony). Here, like in the rest of the vessel, an intense study by the lighting design team has created just the right atmosphere. This results from the use of LED and LED RGB, skillfully hidden in the cladding and managed by sophisticated, yet simple to use systems managed by exclusive Benetti BEST System. Light is of primary importance throughout the entire Ocean Paradise project, both natural light, filtered through ample openings in the yacht’s structure, in addition to transparent solutions such as the crystal skylight, and artificial light, with temperature controlled color to match the natural light.

Ocean Pacific

Special attention has been paid to the passageways used by the Owner, guests and crew, skillfully separated but always able to ensure rapid service by the personnel to all shared living and private areas.

There are numerous solutions adopted to exploit the spaces and volumes designed to guarantee comfort and contact with the sea aboard the Ocean Paradise: one is the aft beach area with adjacent relax zone and sheltered service areas, complete with a large platform created by lowering the transom door.

Ocean Pacific

To create an open air area, yet hidden and independent from the tender and toy launching area, the Benetti designers have developed a system of lateral openings, complete with a mooring platform for jet-skis or the custom made 6.2 meter tender which is stowed inside the garage while under way.

The rescue boat is house in it’s own forward garage so hidden from the view of the guests and protected from the seas. The jet-skis are mounted on the foredeck in a separate area, but offering a tantalizing view from the circuit used by the Owner and his guests.

Ocean Pacific

The Owner, who also has interests in interior design, was a very active participant in the design of the secondary ambient too, with the objective of creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere, where encased Zen gardens appear, with the successful intent of infusing perceptive serenity. In bringing the natural greenery of plants aboard using transparent surfaces that double as display cases and natural light openings for the interior, the Ocean Paradise gains a particularly eclectic atmosphere.

For his yacht the Owner has commissioned details such as the wardrobe door handles (designed by the winner of a design competition), light switches, light fixtures, automatic hatch and panel latches, chromatic contrasting leather stitching, completely clad leather interiors for lockers, and the many “hidden” storage areas perfectly integrated among the various environments.

Ocean Pacific

The design motive of every area, even the smallest and least visible, has been customized by the Owner to ensure coherency with the entire project’s inspiration. This is also true on above decks, where we find an oversize swimming pool with waterfalls on the sun deck, and furnishings that suggest natural environments and facilitate the view of the sea. There is also a gym on the sun deck which dominates the ocean, and a mini bar with DJ console.

Technically, Benetti Ocean Paradise – FB263 keeps to a classic configuration: steel displacement hull, with a displacement of 651 tons and 710 gross tonnage; two CAT 3512C (1765 kW) motors with 2,367 horsepower, which always guarantee the best yacht’s performance and navigation efficiency at every speed. Cruising range is 4,000 nautical miles at an economical cruising speed of 12 knots, with an easily reachable top speed of 17 knots and a fast cruising speed of 15.5 knots using 85% of the available propulsion power.

The bridge is fully equipped with the “Integrated Bridge” Benetti technology, enabling the crew to quickly and easily monitor all onboard systems, guaranteeing safety and easy repair access when necessary. Using touch-screens, the system displays the state of all onboard systems, managing both alarms and function monitoring. From the bridge the crew has complete control of the vessel and is immediately informed of any malfunctions, even from remote areas of the vessel. This advanced system, adapted by Benetti, also allows monitoring of the AC systems to rationalize the system’s energy consumption while underway in varying atmospheric conditions.

The bridge also has modern design elements, as well as some classic in the form of the stitching in the leather work to complement the advanced technology. Completely clad in leather with contrasting stitching and several different illumination settings, the walk-around instrument console and separate chart table, make the Bridge seems a unique design piece itself. The exterior of the wheel house allows undisrupted access from the wing station from where the Captain has excellent visibility for docking operations, and severs as an exterior crew lounge as well.


Benetti celebrating 140 years of Italian excellence

Benetti is one of the oldest builders of luxury motor yachts in the world.

benetti_G1K2093 med darsena ITA

Established by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873, the company began life building wooden boats used for local and international trade. After the death of Lorenzo, his two sons Gino and Emilio took over the management of the boatyard. They changed its name to Fratelli Benetti and quickly built up a reputation that extended far beyond the Mediterranean.

After the second world war, with the disappearance of commercial sailing vessels built from wood, Benetti changed direction and began producing pleasure craft made from steel. Then in the early 1960s the boatyard produced its first luxury mega yachts.


Since 1980 the fleet has included big motor yachts in the 30 to 60 meter range and beyond, not least the famous 86-meter ‘Nabila’. In 1985 the Boatyard was acquired by the celebrated Turin-based boat builder Azimut Yacht, which brought in new management and transformed Benetti into the modern, technologically advanced reality we know today: a forward-looking and innovative boatyard, but also one that proudly retains its traditional values of experience, skill and a passion for fine craftsmanship.

In fact, for Benetti, building yachts means carrying on the tradition of innovation, style and quality that has shaped the company’s approach and culture. It means continuing to diversify production in order to satisfy the increasingly complex needs expressed by Owners throughout the world.

Benetti has a time-honoured tradition in yacht building. After abandoning wood and being the first to realise the potential of composite materials for the production of megayachts, as early as the 1960s it made the transition from metal boats to the steel and aluminium.

Today Benetti utilizes these materials, alone or combined, to design and build full-custom displacement and semi-displacement motor yachts in a broad variety of lengths from 93 feet to 90+ meters. These truly tailor made vessels embody the Owner’s idea of what a yacht should be, while retaining the Benetti family-feeling that is a natural expression of the finest Italian style and timeless elegance. This production capacity, united with world class quality, fanatical attention to detail and a perfect end result, have made Benetti a world leader and an Italian luxury yacht icon.

1988_Azimut Atlantic ChallengerHD

Over the years the shipyard has grown and changed, not following but anticipating the times. Once the Fratelli Benetti boatyard was famous for building three-masted wooden schooners for commercial use. Today Benetti motor yachts turn heads at the world’s most famous and exclusive ports of call. Stylish, exclusive and extremely well-crafted, Benetti yachts are well established at the height of Italian Excellence.

This year will not only be the 140th anniversary of Benetti, it will be also the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of the Livorno Shipyard bought from the Orlando family. We plan a dense calendar of events culminating next June in Portofino with a very exclusive week-end together with our clients from all over the world. Owners that does not come to us to buy a ready made yacht, but to construct one together with us in order to fully express their personality and live a genuine rapport with the sea. Clients who approach us with ideas and expectations that are a challenge and a continuous stimulus and when we meet their brief and make every detail perfect with no concessions to compromise, their success becomes ours. This level of quality and passion are the only route to our next 140 years of success”. – commented Ing Vincenzo Poerio – Benetti’s Ceo.

140 years of history, close to 300 boats built, over 300,000 sq mt of production facilities at six shipyards in Italy (Viareggio, Livorno and Fano), 34 yachts under construction at present time including a 90-meter mega yacht. These facts and figures unambiguously demonstrate the momentum of Benetti’s growth and Clients’ unrestrained confidence in the brand.

It is a success story confirmed by the last “Global Order Book” that awarded Azimut|Benetti Group as the “largest builder in the world for custom yachts over 24 meters” for the thirteenth year in a row.

Breaking news! Sand People Communication will support PR&Media relations for Porto Montenegro for France-Italy-Turkey-Russia

From February 2013 Sand People will support PR&Media relations for Porto Montenegro for France-Italy-Turkey-Russia.

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Be prepared for many important news in the next weeks!


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Benetti Tradition Supreme 108: the first images in Viareggio!

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USA première at Ft Lauderdale Boat Show for the Sessa Key Largo 34 Outboard

Here is a KEY LARGO that will once again get itself noticed: elegance, innovation, sporting spirit… all words that are far from meaningless when you discover the concrete reality behind them. Welcome to the world of adrenalin!

With the launch of this new model, having undergone 1300 hours design work, SESSA MARINE once again demonstrates its capacity to  design a product that more than ever marries beauty and pleasure on board: a full option product, very real, very trendy, designed for ocean lovers and thrill seekers, with just that little touch of Italian elegance and masculinity, never ostentatious.

The KL34 is the result of in-depth market research and a project led intelligently month after month so as to remain at the forefront and incorporate everything that makes Key Largo the “absolute must” in its sector.” declares Riccardo Radice, leader of the project, “a leadership position that the Key Largo brand has secured unpretentiously over the years, driven by the will to do better.”

Via its sleek and incisive forms, the KL34 reveals an atypical character for an ambitious boat owner who does not want to go unnoticed: a boat for those who refuse to melt into the crowd and who wish to acquire a gorgeous new plaything, different from others.

Beyond aesthetics, boat owners will above all appreciate the quality of the materials and components as well as the integrated solutions provided to satisfy all their needs. Here is a Key Largo that offers an extremely complete deck layout, with for example:
* a wide SUN DECK at the prow equipped with an audio system, holders and storage space for the fenders;
* a RIGID T-TOP with an electric bimini covering the entire cockpit;
* a COMFORTABLE RELAXATION AND AREA – cocktail at the back with a kitchen area laid out in  teak, including sink, grill, fridge and ice-maker ;
* a SIDE LADDER that folds away into the hull;
* for the first time on an outboard vessel, a retracting ELECTRIC GANGWAY at the back, for easy access to the dock.

Powered by 2 YAMAHA V6 F300 engines for the outboard version, the KL34 sails at 40-45 knots, and can shamelessly claim high performance, flexibility and security thanks to its hull, designed to satisfy the brand’s level of requirements and navigability, and tested on the water at 3 stages of its design (2 lake tests and one 2-week long distance test at sea).

To create a unique navigation experience, SESSA has once more designed a highly innovative control panel. This time, the brand goes a step further and plunges the navigator into a world of exclusivity: reminiscent of a jet or a fighter plane cockpit, the control panel is designed for quick and instinctive interpretation of information essential to instant decision-making, ideal for speed and riding the waves. Its design casts the pilot into a universe of sport and elegance.

The armrest positioned between the two seats demonstrates this, accommodating VHF, objects and beverages. With its leather upholstery this automobile-inspired element is just one of the details that gives the KL34 its strong personality.

With the impeccable proportions of each of its lines the design of the KL34 is a perfect combination of sporting spirit and elegance, modelled on the KL36, as well as a genuine example of optimum use of space. In order to obtain optimal ergonomics and layout, a full-scale model of the KL34’s interior was conceptualised. The model, made up of 130 m² wooden panels, confirmed the best solutions for the layout.

And for a 34 foot boat the finished result is worth the effort: 1,90m cabin height; a spacious lounge convertible into a master cabin; a kitchen area equipped with a microwave oven and a large 1000 litre fridge; behind the stairs is a second 1.50X1.85m double bed that can be separated into single beds, i.e. a total of 4 berths. Lastly, unique for this type of craft and an “extra” not available from the competition:  a separate toilet and shower.

The KL 34 is also available in the INBOARD version. With its vast, magnificent sun deck at the stern that can be made even bigger by folding away the back of the sofa, the INBORD version is the little gem SESSA, powered by 2X VOLVO PENTA gasoline 5.7 V8 (640 HP) or 2X VOLVO PENTA common rail turbo diesel D3 (440 HP).

The ambition of this new open brought out by SESSA MARINE is to become the reference model in its category. To achieve this, the shipyard has pulled out all the stops in terms of studies, development and quality: 1500 computer files, 200 m² resin parts modelled with the 3D moulding machine and more than 300 different components that make up the boat.

Overall length – 9,99 m
Beam – 3,30 m
Engine power – 700 hp / 515 Kw
Passengers – 8
Fresh water capacity– 220 l
Fuel – 1200 l
Black water capacity – 95 l

Established by the Radice family in 1958, Sessa Marine today offers 4 ranges of top quality open and fly yachts in 4 product lines from 18 to 68 feet. This family-run company is widely acknowledged for its innovation, and aims to design and make exclusive boats that achieve the optimal balance between design and technology, between style and quality, pursuing its mission of guaranteeing great emotions for owners of Sessa Marine boats.

CHRISTIAN GRANDE INTRODUCES “PICCHIO-BOAT” a new concept for a new catamaran

The concept
Picchio Boat” concept incorporates the values of family life, respect for nature and a eulogy for slowness: the possibility to take the necessary time to completely enjoy your trip, for the trip’s sake; to enjoy the navigation and the surroundings and freely express your will and personal passions. These are the starting bases for the design of a new boat, filled with style and technical solutions dedicated to a quiet and contemplative lifestyle.

Christian Grande has chosen a 21 meter displacement catamaran to transform a dream into reality. A boat to cruise for extended periods in total comfort, fully appreciating the natural beauties and the intimacy inherent to sea travel. A sort of recreational island to be lived, without any need to show or boast.

The interiors
Once inside, the generous size of the environment and its “recreational” intent is immediately visible. The central salon, complete with a bar and furnished with a very large sofa and dining area, also has a peculiar submarine observatory: a glass platform integrated and level with the salon deck and overlooking the sea between the hulls, giving a suggestive vision of the sea and its inhabitants, especially at night with the aid of specifically designed underwater spotlights.
From the salon to the lower deck, the vast living area potentiality of a catamaran is fully exploited: two spacious VIP cabins with private bathrooms, the galley, and a “children’s room” with foldaway berths and a super sofa, giving them a real and generous playground.
The piloting area, with another comfortable sofa, gives access to the master cabin, equipped with a glass floor under the bed, that seems to be floating on an illuminated sea. There is also a big wardrobe, vanity desks and an even bigger private bathroom with a double basin, shower, whirlpool bath and separate WC.

The character, the desires and the vision of the owner are fully expressed in the final product. Indeed the whole boat, despite its’ generous dimensions, is discreet and gentle, recreational and respectful of the natural environment.
The colors are respectful and gentle too: bronze, metallic champagne and moka, borrowed from the cliffs, bays and creeks of the Mediterranean (it’s not new, for Christian Grande, to conceive his boats paying homage to the most beautiful coastal areas). The surfaces are soft and curvy, and all of them are related to the marine habitat. Natural and animal elements are evoked by the deck floor, fully covered with teak planks the color of sand and curved and bended like desert dunes, especially in the cockpit area, as if they were really shaped by wind and water.

Another homage to nature is represented by the bow, shaped around the central tunnel in a peculiar imitation of the mouth of a MantaEverything is created to be gentle both in form and in material, including the choice of pastel colours and continuous glass to lighten the profile of the deckhouse, and terminating with two vertical gardens on both sides of the external living area, one of them offering a relaxing hammock, another clear indication of the slow-life and slow-mind concept behind the whole project. A stern terrace bounded by glass, with smooth sofas and cushions, creates a real view of the sea, and is repeated on the fly bridge, with a lounge area and sunbathing mattresses on the forward balcony.

The vocation for outdoor life, as well as a desired link with the elements, is even more accentuated when we look at the interiors, where we can find several relaxing and contemplative spaces, intended to communicate the (new European) Owner’s love for cinema, literature and contemplation. A wide and continuous glass door, without visible frame elements, can become a mirror or a projection screen.

Even on the fly bridge, the usability and contemplative vocation is present, thanks to the bar area with a counter and stools, and to the big sofa. The equipment includes, of course, a wide pilot seat and a tender with an electric motor and dedicated crane. Flexibility and versatility of usage are also guaranteed by the physical characteristics of the boat: large, with high bulwarks, with the possibility to mount a canvas awning to protect the host from sun or mist. The boat is equipped with 2x Volvo Penta IPS1200 propulsion systems to lessen her impact on the environment – thanks to Volvo Penta Ips -33% consumption compared to other engines – and to allow the crew and Owner to the easiest docking handling thanks to the joystick control.

Technical Details – Brief
Length: 21.70 m / 71 ft
Maximum beam: 9.60 m
Cruise speed: 12 Kts
Maximum speed: 19 Kts
Range: 2500 miles
Fuel capacity: 10.000 l
Fresh water capacity: 1500 l
Engines: 2x Volvo Penta IPS1200
Displacement: 50 tons