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Vicem 46 mt Vulcan: discover the gallery!

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Italia Veloce ed Erba Brusca, tutte le immagini di una giornata speciale

Una “biciclettata” speciale, con Italia Veloce ed Erba brusca, lungo i Navigli di Milano


Scoprendo Erba Brusca
Erba Brusca nasce come prosecuzione di un vecchio e glorioso locale milanese
, l’Osteria del Tubetto, che Alice Delcourt insieme a Cesare Battisti e a Danilo Ingannamorte del Ristorante Ratanà hanno deciso di recuperare.
Al confine tra campagna e città, dove una volta c’erano le marcite e tanta acetosella, ovvero l’ erba brusca, nei campi, il ristorante si propone proprio come anello di ricongiunzione con la dimensione rurale cercando di non replicare cliché.

Vi aspettiamo!

Postcards From London Tweed Run 2012 – Part Two

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Condé Nast Traveller racconta Italia Veloce alla Tweed Run

Stefano Landi, inviato di Traveller, ha corso a Londra la mitica Tweed Run pedalando su una delle biciclette che Italia Veloce realizza su misura. Giacca verdone a quadrettini, pantaloni in velluto color banana e baffi (finti), scoprite come racconta la gara più cool del momento!

Ma Stefano non si è limitato a raccontare la gara, ce l’ha proprio fatta vivere, momento per momento, con una divertente diretta “via blog”. Eccola!

E se ancora non vi basta, non perdetevi la nostra galleria fotografica!

Postcards From London Tweed Run 2012 – Part One

Italia Veloce bikes at the LONDON TWEED RUN 2012 dressing Brooksfield men’s wear

Italia Veloce, Italian maker of top-of-the-line BIKES all handmade and totally customizedwill wear “Old British style” with Brooksfield and race at London TWEED RUN 2012.
Sunday the 6th of May 2012 – London

What is the “LONDON TWEED RUN”? Defined by it’s organizers as “a metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style”, the London Tweed Run is a tribute to the Sunday Ride, when the bicycle was still widespread and a means for elegantly moving about in cities before they were invaded by automobiles. As the world’s “coolest” amateur bicycling event, each edition is a race, rally and event. With ever increasing numbers, each year in London the Run gathers enthusiasts of bicycles and vintage style from around the world. According to British custom, both male and female participants must be dressed as elegantly as possible in tweed, and while all bicycles are admitted, to stay in tune with the mood of the event the classic-vintage category is usually preferred! The three hour itinerary through London obviously starts in Savile Row, home to the world’s most famous men’s tailors, and finishes next to the Thames, below Westminster, at Millbank. There are prizes for the best dressed man and woman, the best whiskers, and on and on! Over 600 metropolitan cyclists wearing jackets, trousers, hats and accessories, in perfect 1930’s and ’40’s English style, will colour the streets of London with a vintage atmosphere.

Brooksfield will be taking part in this unusual competition (now in its fourth year) by dressing the 2 italian challenger riders who will be riding “La Ribelle” model, the bicycle made by Italia Veloce for this event. This bike was created by the artisans of the Italia Veloce company in Parma, designers and manufacturers of a bicycle with a thoroughly Italian feel, evoking Italian country bikes of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, alluding to the Brooksfield style and way of life….Old British style with a contemporary twist!