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Benetti launches the first yacht of Fast Displacement series Veloce 140

Veloce 140’, the new jewel in the crown of the Benetti Class Fast Displacement range, is a yacht with a great personality, deriving both from the technological innovations of the hull and propulsion systems, and from the distinctive design and furnishings.

The most distinguishing feature is the new D2P hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture Studio and the Azimut|Benetti Research and Development Center. The most obvious advantages consist of the energy-saving, 12-knot cruising speed and the ability to travel at high speeds (over 20 knots) in total comfort. Veloce 140’ – a semi-custom yacht with a D2P (Displacement to Planing) hull – is an innovative project that excites both Benetti enthusiasts, eager for greater speed, and those who are approaching the Tuscan shipbuilder for the first time, in the knowledge of being able to rely on high-performing yachts with comfortable displacement speeds. For more technical information, please view the attached press releases on the Fast Displacement line.

Veloce 140’
The hull, first built for a yacht owner and a trusty Azimut|Benetti customer, is characterized by highly customized interiors, starting with the layout, which may be designed according to the customers’ requirements. The Exterior Styling & Concept was developed by Stefano Righini, while the interior design is the work of the British RWD-Redman Whiteley Dixon, in collaboration with the owner’s designer.

The interior and exterior decor was entrusted to the international architect Joao Armentano. The woods used mainly include light gray TAY and slate gray TABU for the flooring. The decorative elements are in a silver lacquer finish and the ceilings in alcantara and a white lacquer finish. All stainless steel features come with a satin finish. The interior furnishings are by Minotti, the lamps by Flos and the taps and fittings by Gessi.

As regards the technological heart of 140’, it is worth noting the use of the largest engine ever mounted at the Viareggio Benetti shipyard: two MTU 12V 4000 M93L 3500 mhp engines. It is also equipped with a system of CMC Marine electrical fin stabilizers.

Sun Deck. The large Sun Deck covers more than 77 square meters on the highest “bridge” of the new Benetti yacht. Here, too, class and functionality blend seamlessly. This large terrace overlooking the sea is dominated by a central pool facing the most spectacular living area of the yacht: an extended section on the right, served by a long linear bar on the left. Another feature of this bridge are the seats in the bow, with a frontal sea view.

Upper deck. This bridge is marked by modularity, as it was not designed with the traditional “fixed” furniture. Everything can be removed or moved with ease, to obtain a large circular area that extends outdoors and indoors. Astern, there is a large dining table seating sixteen. Here there is also a relaxation area, leading to an internal sky-lounge through electric concertina doors. This provides is a large open plan area that is partly air-conditioned.
At the bow stands the yacht’s second spectacular – and especially deep – pool, with a comfortable and safe ladder to ease yourself into the water and relax in the whirlpool. Opposite, there are two large sunbeds and a living area with a sofa and coffee table, offering total privacy. On this bridge, at the express request of the owner, the area originally designed as the captain’s cabin has been converted into an additional luxury bedroom.

Main deck. This bridge is dominated by a large gym, designed at the owner’s behest. Placed in the bow, it has a wide-body structure, thus optimally exploiting the entire hull width. One of its main features is a side terrace with stunning views of the sea, providing the entire area with natural light and ventilation. The equipment, from the Technogym Personal line, is of the highest level, and there is also a massage area.
Further astern, there is a large dining area seating twelve and a huge living area that extends outdoors, once again creating a seamless indoor-outdoor environment. The cockpit comes with a day bed that quickly converts into a relaxation area.

Lower deck. The lower deck leads to the sleeping area. This consists of five cabins, one for the yacht owner, two doubles and two for guests, with twin and pullman beds. The four crew cabins, for the eight crewmembers, are at the far end of the bow. The lower deck also features a wonderful and extensive “beach club” area, accessed by a double flight of steps and equipped with a central bar counter running the length of the bulkhead. The garage is placed transversely to the beam, and can accommodate up to two tenders.



Benetti ushers in a new era. At the upcoming Cannes boat show, the Tuscan boatyard will unveil a third generation of fast yachts, rounding out the already extensive range of products which currently includes Class Range, semi-custom displacement vessels with 6 models from 93′ to 145′, and Custom, mega-yachts starting at 45 metres.


Benetti F-125′

The new Fast Displacement line of composite yachts built by Benetti in the Viareggio boatyard already includes two models: the F-140’, introduced last year, and the brand new F-125’, which is making its debut at Cannes 2013. With this new line, the boatyard intends to tap into a strong and as yet relatively unexplored market in semicustom super yachts with a sporty spirit. These are vessels characterised by their versatility, speed (when called for), but which are also extremely comfortable in displacement mode and highly efficient at any speed. Their dynamism perfectly unites with the sheer pleasure of on board living, and the construction quality and maximum customisation which Benetti is known for.

Benetti CEO Vincenzo Poerio says, “Many of our clients have requested faster, more versatile, and efficient boats, while maintaining the same level of comfort and customisation found in our existing yachts. The new Fast Displacement line is designed precisely in response to these requests, and it rounds out our current offering in the Class Range. We haven’t just created a new series; we have invested time and resources – combining the Benetti’s 140-years of experience in super yachts with the technological knowhow of Azimut Benetti Group – to create a new way of heading out to sea.”

The two Fast Displacement models were developed by Benetti in collaboration with the Azimut Benetti Group Research Centre, which has designed an extremely innovative hull geometry exclusively for the new range. The Fast Displacement yachts are equipped with a revolutionary new D2P_Displacement to Planing® hull which unites sportiness and the performance of a planing hull with the comfort and quiet of a displacement hull. The D2P® hull has been coupled with a wave piercer bulbous at bow, a combination which affords increased cruising efficiency (less resistance to forward motion) of up to 30% compared to a conventional hull.

The design of this new hull was carried out using a series of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations to define the best possible geometries. This was followed by extensive tank testing to verify the computer simulations and validate the hull geometries and associated appendages. After an initial “theoretical” phase of developing the hull shape based on preliminary design data and layout (sizes, general plan, and design specifications), the design process then involved a hull optimising phase using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations. The development of the hull shapes was quickly followed by tank testing (at the Brodarski Institute in Zagreb) during which important hull components were optimised and validated including the bow wave piercer and the stern tunnel thrusters. The tank testing also included hull auto propulsion tests on all the appendages, to verify the final propulsion efficiency and associated speed performance.

The D2P® hull is equipped with a wave piercer, enabling the new Fast Displacement series to reach higher speeds without engine strain, or to cruise in displacement mode at an economical speed with a much greater range. The hull has been optimised for the entire range of most frequently used speeds, including displacement modes from 10-12 knots with increased range as well as cruising speeds and maximum speed of 22 knots in semi-displacement mode.

Compared to the traditional semi-displacement hull, the new D2P® hull offers countless advantages:
• Increased efficiency at all speeds and therefore maximum flexibility of use
• Lower fuel consumption and therefore greater range
• Higher cruising speed and therefore reduced transfer times
• Significant reduction in pitch and slamming and therefore increased cruising comfort

Today, the new Fast Displacement Class Range includes two new models, the F-125’ and the F-140’. This is a clear sign that Benetti has entered the new market of semi-custom fast yachts and that it is rounding out its range to satisfy even the most demanding boatowners, ever respectful of the values which have distinguished the Benetti boatyard over its 140-year history: innovative technology, design, customer service, and construction excellence.