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New website for Floating Life

Floating Life International – the Swiss group specialized in the management, charter, sales and fractional ownership of super- and mega-yachts – has redesigned their official website, The Group’s philosophy of continually improving their relationship with current and potential clients, the press, brokers, captains and crews, and various suppliers, has brought us a site with an even more user friendly interface, characterized by enhanced utilities for the Group’s collaborators, simplified access to the charter and brokerage sections, and new sections for the press and captains and crew.

Using a custom designed CMS, the new graphic layout is both simple and attractive. It mirrors the Group’s style and identity; a sober elegance that underlines the perfect union between the site’s excellent functionality and exhaustive content.

Floating Life is always working to provide it’s clientele with the best information technology. With the new site the emphasis is on simplification, with a light and intuitive structure that allows users to move easily through the site, with quickly loading pages, rich in content and up-to-date information. Each section is complete with sensational images that adorn their respective subject.

The ‘Sale & Purchase’ and ‘Charter’ sections are complete with photo galleries and PDF data sheets, giving the user a starting point for a more in depth research.

The ‘Follow Us’ section, complete with the latest info and all the activities of Floating Life, gives the user the possibility to integrate with the social networks “Twitter” and “Facebook”.

Another service available in the ‘Utilities’ section gives the user the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter, with all the most recent proposals and best deals. ‘Job’ is another interesting section, where qualified users can present their interest in garnering new professional opportunities.

A bookmark must for super- and mega-yacht enthusiasts – both owners and charterers!

One minute in social media

The World of Social Media 2011 –

This video infographic shows all the latest facts & figures about social media.

From Asia: Business Intelligence 1 Dec 2011

Burberry Ranks Top In The Luxury Brand Facebook Fan Club

Tara Loader Wilkinson – Asia Editor

The power of social media has been felt across the consumer industries and luxury brands are no exception. Online platforms like Facebook have increasingly helped buoy sales of luxury brands as users can become an online ‘fan’, promoting the brand and influencing buyers all over the world.

The ultimate goal of having Facebook fans is to spark higher online revenues. Almost half (47 per cent) of active social media users are more inclined than other customers to be heavy spenders on shoes, clothing and accessories, according to Nielsen. Further, consumers who engage with companies via social media spend between 20 per cent and 40 per cent more than the average consumer, according to consultant Bain & Co.

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