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PORT TARRACO – SPAIN – the megayachts hidden gem in the Med

Port Tarraco in Spain is one of the Mediterranean’s deep water marinas. The marina has restructured its berths to enable it to accommodate a greater number of large superyachts, megayachts and gigayachts. Port Tarraco provides a total of 64 berths for yachts between 30 and 160 metres. Port Tarraco was recently purchased by Qatar real estate investment company QATARI DIAR. Port Tarraco is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, located on the doorstep of the beautiful and historic city of Tarragona, on Spain’s ‘Golden Coast’. From a chance to explore the rich local Catalonian culture, approximately 95km south of Barcelona, Port Tarraco is one of the few existing marinas of its kind in the western Mediterranean to offer deep water berthing for large, sophisticated super, mega and giga yachts.

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