Benetti world debut at the Rio Boat Show 2014 with “Zaphira”, the fifth Delfino 93′

Zaphira arrival IMG_0593 IMG_0593aThe Viareggio boatyard has chosen the Rio Boat Show (9-15 April 2014) for its big debut in Brazil. Representing the boatyard as a star among stars: the fifth model in the Delfino 93’ collection (with 10 vessels sold since the collections official unveiling at Cannes 2010), and the first for a Brazilian Owner.

The Benetti Delfino 93’ – Class Range – embodies Benetti’s strong track record of both tradition and innovation. In fact, the first motor-yacht by this name was introduced forty years ago at the 1969 Genoa International Boat Show.

The Zaphira (BD005) is the fifth in its series, and it is one which has seen enormous success: the ultimate synthesis of the Italian boatyard’s extensive experience and quality. The yacht’s sumptuous blue exterior and name plate (custom made by the Owner) are eye catching. The Owner is a real enthusiast of Italian style and “Made by Benetti” quality and has embraced these qualities down to the last detail.

The yacht selected by Benetti and its Owner to impress the boating public at the Rio de Janeiro Boat Show is actually the longest and most luxurious one at the event; it effectively (and in great style) conveys the message to Brazilian Yachtowners that the Benetti brand is now available in their country.

28.5 metres long and 7.03 metres at the beam, the Delfino ’93 is a synthesis of Benetti experience and style. “We have set a new standard of excellence in just 24 metres,” says Stefano Righini, responsible for the design concept and styling of this, as well as other, Class Range yachts.

The vessel’s bulb keel has two major advantages: first, increased safety in case of collision with partially submerged objects, and second, better hydrodynamic performance. The Delfino 93′ is the first displacement yacht to be outfitted with electric fin stabilisers to ensure superior seaworthiness (underway and at anchor) as well as the utmost in comfort.

Its high precision and construction quality translates into comfort because there is a significant reduction in noise and vibrations. The entire lower deck has floating floors which, thanks to the new sandwich materials, reduces noise transfer from the structure to the interior. This is a distinctive quality that has ensured the Delfino 93′ great commercial success from the outset.

The Delfino 93’ is also appealing because it is a large yacht “contained” within a small one: unique for its design, its technology, and spacious and comfortable interiors typically found only in much larger vessels. All this is possible thanks to its 7.03 metre beam, ensuring total below deck comfort. Zaphira comfortably sleeps twelve with its Owner cabin, two large VIP cabins, and two twin-bed guest cabins, as well as foldaway beds. The layout includes two longitudinal beds for increased comfort during overnight crossings.

The exterior lines by Stefano Righini have a strongly innovative feel; large, uninterrupted expanses of glass allow the Owner and guests to enjoy striking water views. Of particular note is the extensive fenestration at the Yacht Owner cabin, notwithstanding a side walkway.

Ample windows at the wheelhouse ensure functionality and comfort; the interior is like a large ferry with 180 degree visibility, one of the reasons the Delfino 93’ is such pleasure for its Owner to drive. Thanks to the Benetti construction techniques, even though the overall length is 28.5 metres, its construction length is measured at 23.98 metres. This means the yacht can be registered as a pleasure vessel, making it the ideal solution for an Owner-captain.

Carlo Galeazzi designed the interiors with balanced sophistication: the décor is contemporary with each element part of a harmonious whole, providing the perfect architectural backdrop in every space.

750 square metres of surface are clad in precious Italian leather hand-picked by the Owner. Among the sophisticated selections: iridescent white leather for the sofas and tops and iridescent crocodile for the drawers in the saloon cabinetry, as well as elegant marbles.

Zaphira’s dark ebony panels on the interior combined with the natural bright teak on the deck create a natural and elegant contrast; the shade combinations and plays of light and dark generate an expansive sense of space, light, and relaxation. The baths are in marble: there are white statuaries for the Owner and guests and “spider” white marble with warm orange and red veining for the powder room.

On the deck, there are custom teak tables with a checkerboard motif; and in the dining room, a custom ebony and glass table with a storage space in the base.

Natural and artificial light is also a key design element. Indirect lighting is used together with large bands of windows in smoked glass that reinforce the sense of elegance and create a cosy atmosphere. The light fixtures are by Oluce and Estro.

The Delfino 93′ makes excellent use of space. There are large storage areas on the exterior and spacious and comfortable living spaces on the interior, including: bathrooms, large cabins for guests and crew, and comfortable, ergonomic, and distinct vertical circulation.

The mechanical spaces have been optimised to occupy a smaller footprint thanks to the BEST electric and electronic systems on board. Privacy and superior service are ensured by the perfect division of guest and crew areas.

On Zaphira, just as on all Delfino 93’, the many different and well organised outdoor areas (totalling 141 square metres) enable the guests to move about freely, from the sunpad to forward of the deckhouse, to the immense flybridge, all the way up to sundeck dining area where an electric awning provides shade. The 6-person Jacuzzi is a Benetti custom design especially for the Delfino 93’ line.

Once on board Zaphira, it is easy to forget it is only 93 feet. Everything feels large, functional, and balanced, making the Delfino 93’ not so much a compact yacht but rather a small Benetti megayacht.

The two MTU engines mean this super yacht reaches a maximum speed of 14 knots, a cruising speed of 13 knots, and average range of 1,500 nautical miles at 10 knots.



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