Floating Life: a new joint venture with Blu Jet Capital, combining super-yachts e business jets

Floating Life and Blu Jet Capital are pleased to announce the creation of Yacht&Jet Life, a joint-venture for the management, production, refitting, charter and brokerage of super-yachts and business and private jets.

This new reality gives the super-yacht world the possibility to fly and travel in freedom, with the objective of satisfying the owner’s most exclusive requests and permitting a 360° coverage of his desires. Floating Life allows it’s members to combine a typically relaxing cruise with the possibilities of rapid ‘five star’ travel.

This prestigious joint-venture offers the owner a bouquet of services for sea and air travel under unified management. Only Yacht&Jet Life offers this singular service, thanks to the individual expertise of Floating Life and Blu Jet Capital, which guarantee the creation of custom made ships and aircraft and the development of interior refits for yachts and jets. Yacht&Jet Life also offers special charter proposals together with immense brokerage opportunities.

Years of experience in collaboration with internationally famous architects and yacht designers give this new joint-venture a strong multi-brand concept. For potential clients the gamma of models with different spaces and styles for sea and air products to choose from is always increasing, thanks to the appeal of Italian style.

Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life: “For us Floating Life has always been a ‘family office’, offering exclusive and prestigious nautical services: each day our clients recognize this important aspect, emphatically describing our activity to their friends. In the last few years, thanks to our being a ‘family office’, we have received numerous requests to manage not only yachts, but real estate and private jets. Yacht&Jet Life was born with this purpose in mind – to consolidate our services as professionally as possible.”

cabina passeggeri 2
Andrea Pavone, CEO of Blu Jet Capital: “The aviation world, like the nautical world, is a reality composed of fundamental elements like safety and professionalism, combined with style, amusement and on-board comfort. Blu Jet Capital has created an ‘aeronautical boutique’, able to satisfy the client in a tailor-made mode, no matter how small the needs may be, with a very wide range of services. Our strength is our capacity to intervene in the design, maintenance and refitting of the interiors of any aircraft, applying different aspects of ‘made in Italy’. Like Floating Life, Blu Jet Capital is completely customer oriented. Our client’s needs are carefully studied, case by case, to better resolve their specific needs. In addition, Blu Jet Capital offers an efficient air charter service, allowing our clients to travel rapidly, organizing private flights from the departure airport to the destination airport and back, with global satisfaction always our primary aim.”


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