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UIM awards the 2012 world champion racers at the 4th UIM Awards giving gala

The fourth UIM Awards Giving Gala, held in Monaco last 23rd of February, has been unquestionably a great success.


Alex Carella (Ita – Qatar Team) F.1 World Champion awarded by Dr. Raffaele Chiulli (left) , UIM President and Mr. Nicolo di San Germano, Uim Promoter (right).
Photo by Paolo Maggi

An impressive event, organized at La Salle d’Or of Fairmont Hotel – Monte Carlo, with more than 400 guests, which included World Champions, National authorities, celebrities and VIP’s. The happening started with a press conference, attended by main international media representatives, followed by the official Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony, where the 2012 Uim Environmental Award Winner and Special mentions projects has been presented.

UIM Environmental Award Winner – SL 94 By Sanlorenzo. Mr. Marco Viti, Sanlorenzo Vice President(2° from right), and Mr. Mario Gornati, Sanlorenzo, Head of Marketing and Communication (3rd from right) , receiving the trophy by the UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli (right) and Mr. Bernard D’Alessandri, YCM Secretary General(left).

UIM Environmental Award Winner – SL 94 By Sanlorenzo.
Mr. Marco Viti, Sanlorenzo Vice President(2° from right), and Mr. Mario Gornati, Sanlorenzo, Head of Marketing and Communication (3rd from right) , receiving the trophy by the UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli (right) and Mr. Bernard D’Alessandri, YCM Secretary General(left).
Photo by Paolo Maggi

Over 70 UIM World Champions from more than 25 different federations had the opportunity to step on this prestigious arena and get their well deserved honours.  During the Gala, the 2012 UIM Environmental Award Winner (Sanlorenzo, SL94) and the three UIM Special Mentions (Powerboat P1 Management Ltd , VSY Viareggio Superyachts, Volvo Penta) received their extraordinary trophies.

During the season 2012 the UIM organized over 120 International titled events world championsip, with more than 900 racers involved in the overall international competitions.


Final UIM World Champions group pictures.Photo by Paolo Maggi

Final UIM World Champions group pictures.
Photo by Paolo Maggi

This year the Stefano Casiraghi Memorial Trophy, Class1 Offshore World Champion in 1989,  was awarded to Charles D. Strang from USA. With his over 50 years of membership in UIM Council Mr. Strang is worldwide knows as one of the in discussed authorities in the powerboating world.  The new Safety Awards has been given to the Dubai Government for the continuos efforts in developing and improving the Safety in Powerboating.

The UIM President Raffaele Chiulli, at the end of the press conference, stated: “The UIM Awards Giving Gala which I have proudly created 3 years ago has now become an impressive gathering event for our whole Sport’s community, partners, sponsors and stakeholders and it is also a fantastic opportunity to show our progresses on key aspects such as Safety, Environment and Youth Development”.


Granturismo of the internet goes live: new Silver Arrows Marine website in online

A new website for a new standard of luxury motor yacht goes live today at – from now on the online “home port” for the eagerly-awaited Mercedes-Benz-styled yacht.

Immagine 4

Dubbed the Granturismo of the seas for its automotive design cues and advanced technologies, work on the first Silver Arrows Marine 14m motor yacht is progressing well – just how well can be seen from the website’s array of videos, articles and drawings.

As well as regular updates on progress, the site contains information on the new company and on the illustrious designers, engineers and boat builders who are bringing the yacht to life. As work proceeds, special features will be added detailing the many innovations of the yacht, a fusion of innovation and elegance that will banish traditional compromises of this class of boat and usher in a whole new luxury lifestyle experience.

Immagine 5

Areas of the site are dedicated to Mercedes-Benz Style and detail its involvement with the project, andalso to Porto Montenegro – Silver Arrows Marine’s home port and one of the best cruising grounds in the Mediterranean basin. There is a press room section with all the latest media reports and a link providing easy access to key Silver Arrows Marine personnel.

The design of the website echoes that of the yacht itself: stylish, powerful, easy to handle and very easy to navigate…

Immagine 6

We wanted a website that accurately captured who we are and what we are trying to achieve, and we have got exactly that,” said Ron Gibbs, Silver Arrows Marie Chairman. “The site is as enticing as the boat itself and clearly shows the passion everyone has for this exciting project.

The new website can be found at:

Christian Grande Yacht Design with a new superyacht concept: Acapulco 55 metres

Tight and muscular lines characterize this 55 meter created by Christian Grande, ready for an owner with a longing for speed and strong sensations. A dynamic and powerful yacht design, where the bow seems ready to leap like a feline to capture it’s prey. The hull’s black coloring amidships underlines the sportive nature of the yacht, and clearly evokes race cars’ dynamic styling.

Acapulco 55 - Prua 02

The automotive DNA also emerges from the clean yet refined structure, free from all superfluous elements, a vow to aerodynamics. The bow anchors are completely hidden behind special flush housings, keeping the freeboard clean and aerodynamic. The upper and lower decks are harmoniously joined, thanks to the vertical element that merges into the deck as it moves aft. The navigation area elements are free standing: no contact with the foredeck allows for an originally shaped panoramic window.

Acapulco 55 - Poppa 01

The rectangular windows in the hull stray slightly from the yacht’s geometry, a no compromise solution to favor light in the below-deck cabins, while the portholes respectfully adhere to maritime tradition.

Surely another innovative and unusual stylistic solution is the passage from the main deck to the sun deck. A rigid black skeleton is surrounded by leather-like soft white skin, a tribute to last century’s ships with their huge funnels. This area leads to the sun deck, conceived as an attic terrace, with a bar and shower to help in relaxed sun bathing.

The foredeck space is conceived of in a very different manner than is usual on traditional yachts. The deck is completely unencumbered to provide high levels of freedom of movement, turning it into a recreational space and the center of social life on board with a very friendly atmosphere, like sitting around a fireplace in a beautiful villa. In addition, the presence of a swimming pool makes the foredeck perfect for fun away from prying eyes.

Acapulco 55 - SALONE - cam01

The below-deck environments are richly finished and created to be shared. The twin staircase suggests spatial complexity for the areas that lead to the owner’s cabin. Each detail has been lavishly finished to provide maximum visual impact. The many faceted color and material contrasts, dark shiny surfaces alternating with clear matte elm flooring, passing through the intermediate bronze toned ceiling, combine to move light at different speeds. The round fittings and handles allude to old steamer trunks and give a long voyage feel.

Acapulco 55 - SALONE - cam02

Length Over All:  56 m
Beam: 10 m
Drive:  Hydrojet
Propulsion:  Proposal A – (2 x 2400 cv) + (1 x 4000 cv)
Cruising speed:  28 knots
Maximum speed:  32 knots

Who is Christian Grande
Christian Grande is one of the youngest Italian yacht designers present in the international shortlists. Christian Grande began creating new boats in 1992 for Sessa Marine, a historic fifty year old nautical company, a “Made in Italy” standard bearer. This collaboration has lead to over fifty yacht designs  and more than fifteen international awards. Christian Grande has also collaborated with the Sacs and Sanlorenzo brands.

Recommended Motor Yacht Award
under 60 feet, with Sessa Marine – China, Xiamen 2012
Motor Boat of the Year 2012 Award, with Sessa Marine – Italy, 2012
Born Designer 2012 – France, Courchevel 2012
Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011 – under 24 mt length with Sessa Marine – France, Cannes 2011
Innovation Award 2011 with car seats KIWY (model SPF1) – Germania, Colonia 2011
Laboratorio Parma Award 2011 – Italy 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Awards with Sessa Marine – United Kingdom, London 2010
Best Motoryacht Design of 2009 under 24 mt length con Sessa Marine – France, Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year 2008 with Sessa Marine – Croatia, Port Rose 2008
Best Boat of the Year Award with Sessa Marine – Usa, Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Award – United Kingdom, London 2008
Practical Parenting 2007/2008 – Winner with car seat MY WAY – United Kingdom, London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007 – Germany, Dusseldorf 2007
Millennium Yacht Design Awards – Special Mention – Italy, Carrara 2006
Practical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy – United Kingdom, London 2006
Yacht European Trophy, 50/60 ft Open – France, Cannes 2005


Christian Grande Design presenta un nuovo concetto di superyacht: Acapulco 55 m

Linee tese e muscolose per questo nuovo gioiello di 55 metri nato dalle mani di Christian Grande per un Armatore amante della velocità e delle sensazioni forti. Uno yacht dal design dinamico e potente dove la prua sembra quasi pronta allo scatto esattamente come un felino atto a catturare una preda. Anche la colorazione della parte centrale della carena – nera – sottolinea la natura marcatamente sportiva di questo yacht che richiama inequivocabilmente lo stile dinamico, tipico delle auto da corsa.

Acapulco 55 - Prua 02

Un DNA automobilistico quindi che emerge anche nella struttura, pulita e , allo stesso tempo, ricercata, che si libera da tutti gli elementi superflui come vero e proprio voto all’aerodinamicità. In quest’ottica, le ancore a prua scompaiono in appositi vani dotati di chiusure così da ripristinare le superfici della murata ed esaltarne l’aerodinamicità. L’unione tra ponte superiore e inferiore è decisamente armonica grazie al montante che confluisce verso poppa diventando un ponte vero e proprio. I montanti della zona di pilotaggio sono sospesi, non trovano il contatto con il pavimento di prua permettendo così di dar vita ad una vetrata dalla forma originale. Le vetrate rettangolari nello scafo si scostano un po’ dalla geometria generale della barca, non scendono a compromessi per privilegiare la luminosità delle cabine sottocoperta. Gli oblò tondi nascono invece come segnale di rispetto e adesione alla storicità marinaresca.

Acapulco 55 - Poppa 01

Altro elemento stilistico decisamente innovativo e inusuale è sicuramente l’uscita che dalla coperta porta al sun deck. Questo particolare volume, caratterizzato da una parte interna rigida (nera) concepita come se fosse l’ossatura animale e una parte più morbida intorno (bianca) da immaginare come una pelle, nasce come tributo alle grandi navi di inizio secolo caratterizzate da enormi fumaioli. Questo volume permette l’accesso al sun deck che è qui concepito come se fosse la terrazza di un attico, un vero e proprio solarium per momenti di relax in cui sarà prevista una zona bar e una doccia.

Gli spazi di prua sono concepiti qui in modo molto differente rispetto agli yacht tradizionali. Il ponte è completamente libero per garantire alti livelli di libertà di movimento. La prua diventa uno spazio ricreativo, acquisisce un ruolo centrale della vita sociale di bordo suggerendo atmosfere decisamente conviviali, un po’ come accade intorno al camino di una bella villa. Inoltre, la presenza provocatoria della piscina rende gli spazi di prua perfetti per momenti di divertimento e svago privato, lontano dagli sguardi indiscreti.

Acapulco 55 - SALONE - cam01

Gli Interni
All’interno gli ambienti sono marcatamente ricchi e creati per essere condivisi. La doppia scalinata suggerisce la complessità degli spazi che portano alla cabina armatoriale. Ogni dettaglio è stato curato e arricchito per ottenere un forte impatto visivo. Grandi contrasti di colori e di materiali. Piani scuri e lucidi si alternano a pavimenti in olmo chiari e opachi passando per la tonalità bronzo del soffitto facendo così correre la luce a differenti velocità. Le chiusure e le maniglie rotonde richiamano i vecchi bauli evocando atmosfere da lungo viaggio.

Acapulco 55 - SALONE - cam02

Scheda Tecnica – Brief
Lunghezza Fuori tutto: 56mt
Larghezza: 10mt
Propulsione: Idrogetto
Motorizzazione: Proposta A – (2 x 2400 cv) + (1 x 4000 cv)
Proposta B – 3 x 2600 cv
Velocità di crociera: 28 nodi
Velocità massima: 32 nodi

Chi è Christian Grande.
Christian Grande è uno dei più giovani designer italiani ad essere già entrato nel palmares dei nomi di riferimento dello yacht design, cominciando sin dal 1992 a ideare le nuove imbarcazioni di Sessa Marine, marchio storico della nautica “Made in Italy” dal oltre cinquant’anni, per la quale ha disegnato sino ad oggi più di 50 yacht e ottenuto oltre 15 awards internazionali. Ha inoltre collaborato per brand come Sacs e Sanlorenzo.

Principali riconoscimenti vinti da Christian Grande:
Recommended Motor Yacht Award
under 60 feet con Sessa Marine – Cina, Xiamen 2012
Motor Boat of the Year 2012 Award con Sessa Marine – Italia 2012
Born Designer 2012 – Francia, Courchevel 2012
Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011 – under 24 mt length con Sessa Marine – Francia, Cannes 2011
Innovation Award 2011 con seggiolini KIWY (modello SPF1) – Germania, Colonia 2011
Premio Laboratorio Parma 2011 – Italia 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Awards con Sessa Marine – Regno Unito, London 2010
Best Motoryacht Design of 2009 under 24 mt length con Sessa Marine – Francia, Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year 2008 con Sessa Marine – Croazia, Port Rose 2008
Best Boat of the Year Award con Sessa Marine – Usa, Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Awards con Sessa Marine – Regno Unito, London 2008
Practical Parenting 2007/2008 – Winner con seggiolino auto modello My Way – Regno Unito, London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007 con Sessa Marine – Germania, Dusseldorf 2007
Millennium Yacht Design Awards – Menzione speciale – Italia, Carrara 2006
Practical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy con seggiolino auto My WAY – Regno Unito, London 2006
European Yacht Trophy, categoria 50/60 piedi Open con Sessa Marine – Francia, Cannes 2005

Porto Montenegro doubles marina berths

Porto Montenegro is the visionary marina and homeport that integrates full yacht and superyacht services with a vibrant waterfront village, in the heart of one of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque nautical regions. Porto Montenegro is undertaking an important expansion plan, doubling the marina’s available berths from 245 to 490. The expansion is planned to be completed by the spring-summer of 2014.


Over the next two years Porto Montenegro will complete phase two of its development, with fifty percent of the new berths for yachts up to 20 meters long, and 145 berths will be for yachts over 25 metres in length. Upon completion, Porto Montenegro will not only be one of the largest yacht havens in the Mediterranean, but with more than 50 of the new berths destined for yachts over 45 metres in length, it will also have one of the biggest superyacht capacities in the world.

The Montenegrin company “Yu Briv” has been awarded the tender for the second phase of construction in Porto Montenegro Marina. This includes both the expansion of existing jetties and the construction of additional wharves, with design by UK based Marina Projects, leading experts in the field of superyacht marina design.

Marina View July 2012

We are very pleased to award our marina expansion contract to one of the leading Montenegrin construction companies. We have had excellent cooperation with the leading Montenegrin construction company “Yu Briv” in the past, and know they will deliver a world class quality marina, reinforcing Porto Montenegro as one the leading marinas in the Mediterranean”, said Porto Montenegro’s Managing Director Oliver Corlette.

Tony Browne, Marina Director refers: “The expansion of the marina is not only a testament of success for Porto Montenegro, it also confirms that the Adriatic has cemented itself as an exciting destination for yachts of all sizes and classes. The new berth mix will appeal to both ends of the yachting market, especially for the super and mega-yachts that will soon be supported by the new state-of-the-art maintenance & refitting facility”.


Porto Montenegro – a surprising value for money location
Modern Montenegro is a stable democracy with an investor-friendly economy, Euro currency and maximum of 9% tax on income, company and capital gains. Porto Montenegro offers surprising value for money, both in terms of pricing and tax benefits. The Montenegrin tax strategy is geared towards a national, uniform system that treats everyone equally. Yacht-friendly laws have been implemented, illustrative of the government’s desire to promote the growth of nautical tourism in the country. With the rate of tax applied to basic goods and marina services already capped at just 7%, the plan for the future is to create an incentivised flat tax regime across all taxable areas.

Key tax rates:
– Tax applied to basic goods and marina and tourist services capped at 7%
– VAT currently stands at 17%
– Legal and Administration Fees are between 500-1000 €
– Income Tax is 9%
– Corporate Income Tax is 9%
– Rental Income Tax is 9%, subject to automatic deduction of 30% based on costs
– Property transfer tax is 3%
– No capital gains tax on resale or transfer of property
– Competitive customs duty


“Le Monde” parle de Azimut Benetti. Tapez sur la photo… pour lire l’article

LeMonde 20Fev13


Hodgdon Yachts on! Click and watch!

Immagine 1