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USA première at Ft Lauderdale Boat Show for the Sessa Key Largo 34 Outboard

Here is a KEY LARGO that will once again get itself noticed: elegance, innovation, sporting spirit… all words that are far from meaningless when you discover the concrete reality behind them. Welcome to the world of adrenalin!

With the launch of this new model, having undergone 1300 hours design work, SESSA MARINE once again demonstrates its capacity to  design a product that more than ever marries beauty and pleasure on board: a full option product, very real, very trendy, designed for ocean lovers and thrill seekers, with just that little touch of Italian elegance and masculinity, never ostentatious.

The KL34 is the result of in-depth market research and a project led intelligently month after month so as to remain at the forefront and incorporate everything that makes Key Largo the “absolute must” in its sector.” declares Riccardo Radice, leader of the project, “a leadership position that the Key Largo brand has secured unpretentiously over the years, driven by the will to do better.”

Via its sleek and incisive forms, the KL34 reveals an atypical character for an ambitious boat owner who does not want to go unnoticed: a boat for those who refuse to melt into the crowd and who wish to acquire a gorgeous new plaything, different from others.

Beyond aesthetics, boat owners will above all appreciate the quality of the materials and components as well as the integrated solutions provided to satisfy all their needs. Here is a Key Largo that offers an extremely complete deck layout, with for example:
* a wide SUN DECK at the prow equipped with an audio system, holders and storage space for the fenders;
* a RIGID T-TOP with an electric bimini covering the entire cockpit;
* a COMFORTABLE RELAXATION AND AREA – cocktail at the back with a kitchen area laid out in  teak, including sink, grill, fridge and ice-maker ;
* a SIDE LADDER that folds away into the hull;
* for the first time on an outboard vessel, a retracting ELECTRIC GANGWAY at the back, for easy access to the dock.

Powered by 2 YAMAHA V6 F300 engines for the outboard version, the KL34 sails at 40-45 knots, and can shamelessly claim high performance, flexibility and security thanks to its hull, designed to satisfy the brand’s level of requirements and navigability, and tested on the water at 3 stages of its design (2 lake tests and one 2-week long distance test at sea).

To create a unique navigation experience, SESSA has once more designed a highly innovative control panel. This time, the brand goes a step further and plunges the navigator into a world of exclusivity: reminiscent of a jet or a fighter plane cockpit, the control panel is designed for quick and instinctive interpretation of information essential to instant decision-making, ideal for speed and riding the waves. Its design casts the pilot into a universe of sport and elegance.

The armrest positioned between the two seats demonstrates this, accommodating VHF, objects and beverages. With its leather upholstery this automobile-inspired element is just one of the details that gives the KL34 its strong personality.

With the impeccable proportions of each of its lines the design of the KL34 is a perfect combination of sporting spirit and elegance, modelled on the KL36, as well as a genuine example of optimum use of space. In order to obtain optimal ergonomics and layout, a full-scale model of the KL34’s interior was conceptualised. The model, made up of 130 m² wooden panels, confirmed the best solutions for the layout.

And for a 34 foot boat the finished result is worth the effort: 1,90m cabin height; a spacious lounge convertible into a master cabin; a kitchen area equipped with a microwave oven and a large 1000 litre fridge; behind the stairs is a second 1.50X1.85m double bed that can be separated into single beds, i.e. a total of 4 berths. Lastly, unique for this type of craft and an “extra” not available from the competition:  a separate toilet and shower.

The KL 34 is also available in the INBOARD version. With its vast, magnificent sun deck at the stern that can be made even bigger by folding away the back of the sofa, the INBORD version is the little gem SESSA, powered by 2X VOLVO PENTA gasoline 5.7 V8 (640 HP) or 2X VOLVO PENTA common rail turbo diesel D3 (440 HP).

The ambition of this new open brought out by SESSA MARINE is to become the reference model in its category. To achieve this, the shipyard has pulled out all the stops in terms of studies, development and quality: 1500 computer files, 200 m² resin parts modelled with the 3D moulding machine and more than 300 different components that make up the boat.

Overall length – 9,99 m
Beam – 3,30 m
Engine power – 700 hp / 515 Kw
Passengers – 8
Fresh water capacity– 220 l
Fuel – 1200 l
Black water capacity – 95 l

Established by the Radice family in 1958, Sessa Marine today offers 4 ranges of top quality open and fly yachts in 4 product lines from 18 to 68 feet. This family-run company is widely acknowledged for its innovation, and aims to design and make exclusive boats that achieve the optimal balance between design and technology, between style and quality, pursuing its mission of guaranteeing great emotions for owners of Sessa Marine boats.

CHRISTIAN GRANDE INTRODUCES “PICCHIO-BOAT” a new concept for a new catamaran

The concept
Picchio Boat” concept incorporates the values of family life, respect for nature and a eulogy for slowness: the possibility to take the necessary time to completely enjoy your trip, for the trip’s sake; to enjoy the navigation and the surroundings and freely express your will and personal passions. These are the starting bases for the design of a new boat, filled with style and technical solutions dedicated to a quiet and contemplative lifestyle.

Christian Grande has chosen a 21 meter displacement catamaran to transform a dream into reality. A boat to cruise for extended periods in total comfort, fully appreciating the natural beauties and the intimacy inherent to sea travel. A sort of recreational island to be lived, without any need to show or boast.

The interiors
Once inside, the generous size of the environment and its “recreational” intent is immediately visible. The central salon, complete with a bar and furnished with a very large sofa and dining area, also has a peculiar submarine observatory: a glass platform integrated and level with the salon deck and overlooking the sea between the hulls, giving a suggestive vision of the sea and its inhabitants, especially at night with the aid of specifically designed underwater spotlights.
From the salon to the lower deck, the vast living area potentiality of a catamaran is fully exploited: two spacious VIP cabins with private bathrooms, the galley, and a “children’s room” with foldaway berths and a super sofa, giving them a real and generous playground.
The piloting area, with another comfortable sofa, gives access to the master cabin, equipped with a glass floor under the bed, that seems to be floating on an illuminated sea. There is also a big wardrobe, vanity desks and an even bigger private bathroom with a double basin, shower, whirlpool bath and separate WC.

The character, the desires and the vision of the owner are fully expressed in the final product. Indeed the whole boat, despite its’ generous dimensions, is discreet and gentle, recreational and respectful of the natural environment.
The colors are respectful and gentle too: bronze, metallic champagne and moka, borrowed from the cliffs, bays and creeks of the Mediterranean (it’s not new, for Christian Grande, to conceive his boats paying homage to the most beautiful coastal areas). The surfaces are soft and curvy, and all of them are related to the marine habitat. Natural and animal elements are evoked by the deck floor, fully covered with teak planks the color of sand and curved and bended like desert dunes, especially in the cockpit area, as if they were really shaped by wind and water.

Another homage to nature is represented by the bow, shaped around the central tunnel in a peculiar imitation of the mouth of a MantaEverything is created to be gentle both in form and in material, including the choice of pastel colours and continuous glass to lighten the profile of the deckhouse, and terminating with two vertical gardens on both sides of the external living area, one of them offering a relaxing hammock, another clear indication of the slow-life and slow-mind concept behind the whole project. A stern terrace bounded by glass, with smooth sofas and cushions, creates a real view of the sea, and is repeated on the fly bridge, with a lounge area and sunbathing mattresses on the forward balcony.

The vocation for outdoor life, as well as a desired link with the elements, is even more accentuated when we look at the interiors, where we can find several relaxing and contemplative spaces, intended to communicate the (new European) Owner’s love for cinema, literature and contemplation. A wide and continuous glass door, without visible frame elements, can become a mirror or a projection screen.

Even on the fly bridge, the usability and contemplative vocation is present, thanks to the bar area with a counter and stools, and to the big sofa. The equipment includes, of course, a wide pilot seat and a tender with an electric motor and dedicated crane. Flexibility and versatility of usage are also guaranteed by the physical characteristics of the boat: large, with high bulwarks, with the possibility to mount a canvas awning to protect the host from sun or mist. The boat is equipped with 2x Volvo Penta IPS1200 propulsion systems to lessen her impact on the environment – thanks to Volvo Penta Ips -33% consumption compared to other engines – and to allow the crew and Owner to the easiest docking handling thanks to the joystick control.

Technical Details – Brief
Length: 21.70 m / 71 ft
Maximum beam: 9.60 m
Cruise speed: 12 Kts
Maximum speed: 19 Kts
Range: 2500 miles
Fuel capacity: 10.000 l
Fresh water capacity: 1500 l
Engines: 2x Volvo Penta IPS1200
Displacement: 50 tons

SESSA MARINE BRASIL shows the results of the first year and inaugurates the new plant

Sessa Marine Brasil, Sessa Marine Group company, for over fifty years the leader in the European  marine industry, has announced – during SAO PAULO after one year from the arrival into the Brazilian market – positive sales and production results in 2011-2012 and is preparing big news for 2013, with a stronger focus towards customer relationships – an approach has always been a strength of the Group.

“The achievement we set and get in the first year of operation in Brazil were to put in place and organize a local production capacity. At the moment we are delighted to have reached a very high quality  on the four models currently on the range for South America. From the commercial side, we have expanded our network of distributors and we have participated in national and international events, with much success. ” Said Massimo Radice President of Sessa Marine Brazil, responsible of the start-up project.The financial results are very encouraging: “We were well received by the Brazilian market, and we are now positioned as competitors in a strong way. Since July 2011 we have produced and sold no less than 30 units here in Brazil, generating a turnover of 7 million euros.”


Massimo Radice also shows a great effort in the local industrial development through the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Palhoça in Florianopolis (SC) and the creation of a technical team based on strong exchanges with various Italian shipyards. “The exchange of technical information between Italy and Brazil, has allowed, in addition to the professional growth of the Brazilian team of Sessa, an exchange of information and experience on tropical markets useful to the improvement of European product – which at the moment is still our Group core business. Our goal is to extend this interchange activity and make it continuous so that it can contribute in a constant way to the growth of the company’s global competitiveness. ”

The second year of Sessa in Brazil (2012-2013) will feature – as expected from the business plan, a growth of productivity potential and investments in improving customer service. Especially the after-sales and technical training to the local sales network. “During the first year we launched four boats 27, 28, 36 and 40 feet – says Massimo Radice. “This year we aim to expand production and increase sales of these products – and to produce larger models such as the C44 and F45. We also have a project to plant the production line of the Fly40, model launched in Europe in 2012 and to present the Brazilian version since Rio Boat Show 2013”.
The full implementation of the production plant in Santa Caterina – Says Radice – is our pride. This new factory is located in an industrial park of 80,000 square meters with a production area of ​​9,000 square meters and a cover area of ​​5,000. The factory is equipped with the most modern machineries, such as two 15-ton cranes, ventilation systems for stamping department, warehouse with 3 floors and an area of ​​400 square meters of office space. This factory has a production capacity of boats up to 50 feet with a production process similar to the one implemented in the Group Italian plants.

Established by the Radice family in 1958, SESSA Marine now offers 4 top quality lines of open and fly vessels measuring 18 to 68 feet. A family-run company known for its dynamism and ability to innovate, Sessa Marine designs and builds exclusive vessels successfully combining design and technology, style and quality, without ever losing sight of its ultimate goal: guaranteeing a great experience for anyone who goes to sea in a Sessa Marine boat. The company has made more than 15,000 boats and has more than 90 dealers all over the world, supported by a network of well-trained “Service Points” all over the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North America.

Hodgdon Yachts delivers a new custom yacht tender

Hodgdon Yachts announces the launch and delivery of Hull 413 (413th Hodgdon hull – which is also the 3rd tender hull) of a custom limo tender for a new Oceanco client.

HODGDON launched another of the 10.5m MPYD designed Limousine tenders, also for an Oceanco project and has three more custom tenders under construction including two designed by Andrew Winch Designs.

HODGDON’S entré into the superyacht tender world came several years ago in a project led by Florida based Wright Maritime Group. HODGDON was commissioned to build a 10.5 limousine tender and slightly smaller matching open tender for then Oceanco Y706 (7 Seas). The success of that Michael Peters Yacht Design (Sarasota, FL) project turned heads in superyacht ports the world over.

HODGDON has developed several tender concepts ranging from 9.6m to 12.5m in the MPYD aesthetic including an aft helm version and is currently in contract negotiation for several other tenders including from other world class designers. Hodgdon presented last 2011 a series of artful tenders designed to please not only the discriminating owner with good taste but the crew with high standards as well. Beautifully designed, artfully styled and expertly built, these tenders are designed to maintain an aesthetic while being optimized for a particular function.

Following on the heels of two 2011 custom tenders for Oceanco Y706, ( M/Y Seven Seas – Michael Peters Yacht Design), this new 10.5m custom tender delivery will be joint from a 10.5 m custom open tender for another Oceanco client. The second pair of tenders are custom designs from Andrew Winch Designs (London, UK) / Hodgdon for a project at a Northern European shipyard. At 8.5m this custom limo tender features a retractable full coverage moon roof, guest head and 30 knots cruising speed from the Volvo D-6/400 power. The open tender, features a beachable ramp to facilitate guest and beach toy deployment. Both boats are slated for an early 2013 delivery.

There are lots of opportunities to make these designs yours. Hull and Deck colors, wood trim, leather or fabric, deck treatment or a variety of custom features are “yours to choose”. Or, we start over with custom concept and create a unique and personal aesthetic. The direction is up to the clients, the expertise is Hodgdon.

Rooted in 200 years of boatbuilding tradition, the yard earned its way into the 21st Century with innovation. Today Hodgdon is a US leader in high tech composite construction while maintaining exceptional skills for world class traditional and modern interiors. This East Boothbay, Maine-USA Company’s diversification also includes high end superyacht interiors, custom sail and power superyacht construction, military and government contracting, superyacht refits and custom yacht tenders. Founded in 1816, Hodgdon is a fifth generation family run company still located in the heart of Maine’s famed Boothbay Region. Hodgdon currently employs more than 120 workers, the vast majority of whom are highly skilled craftsmen and women. The HODGDON CUSTOM TENDERS division alone employs more than 15 in the Murray Hill facility of the East Boothbay-based company. Additional news for 2012 is the the annual Shipyard Cup with more than 15 sailing superyachts 20 to 50 metres, (August 12 Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Among some of Hodgdon’s more notable contributions to yachting in the last few decades are: ANTONISA (124’) SCHEHERAZADE (154’) AND LIBERTY (80’). 





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