BENETTI DESIGN INNOVATION – Imagine Benetti’s tomorrow

Benetti – part of Azimut Benetti Group – opened the Monaco Yacht Show 2012 introducing the project Design Innovation. On September, 19th at Fairmont Hotel over 200 guests – journalists, brokers, captains and yacht designers together with Benetti Management Team – shared the future of Benetti’s design.

The most reputed international yacht designers has been asked to develop new design concepts for Benetti Custom yachts ranging from 50mt up to 90mt plus. The outcome is a fascinating journey to new frontiers of style, new ideas and new directions. Vincenzo Poerio – CEO Megayachts Business Unit – commented “Evolving the design, the style and the family-feeling imprinted on Benetti yachts by 140 years of history is as an ambitious task. But as tireless devotees of novelty, evolution and challenge, we had no alternative. Then again, looking ahead and anticipating the market has always been encoded in Benetti’s DNA. This is why we have decided to assign this challenge to the world’s most reputed yacht designers. Almost twenty firms of architects worked on dozens of designs concepts for new yachts in the 50 to 90+ meter range, offering possible new directions and interpretations for the future design of our mega-yachts. Excellence breeds excellence”.

Designers based their work on existing Benetti’s design platforms:
􀀀 50 x tbd < 500 GT
􀀀 55 x 9,6 (9,2 moulded beam) about 700 GT
􀀀 60 x 11,0 (10,6 moulded beam) about 1100 GT
􀀀 65 x 11,6 (11,2 moulded beam) about 1350 GT
􀀀 70 x 12,5 (12,1 moulded beam) about 1750 GT
􀀀 80 x 14,0 (13,2 moulded beam) about 2200 GT
􀀀 90 x 15,0 ( 14,2 moulded beam) < 3000 GT

At present, 16 yacht designers’ Firms are on board. However the project is open to qualified newcomers:
1. Axis – Horacio Bozzo Design
2. Bannenberg & Rowell
3. Marco Casali
4. Cor D Rover
5. Luiz De Bast
6. Luca Dini
7. Eidsgaard Design
8. Cristiano Gatto
9. Evan K Marshall
10. Studio Massari
11. Nauta Design
12. Neo Design
13. Prima Design
14. PS+A Palomba Serafini
15. Quarto Stile
16. Design Studio Spadolini



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