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Yacht Works Named as Newest Everglades Boat Dealer in South Florida

Yacht Works increases its brand representation with their appointment as the official Everglades Dealer in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties encompassing one of Everglades’ most important markets. Yacht Works is already the official Everglades dealer on Lake Michigan and this expansion greatly solidifies the growing relationship between the manufacturer and dealer.

We are extremely pleased to expand our Everglades representation in South Florida. The boats have a finish that is second to none and a ride that can only be described when you are behind the wheel. I have personally run these boats in the harshest conditions on Lake Michigan and they are truly something special. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity”, stated Russ Forkert, president of the Yacht Works organization.

We are very pleased to expand our partnership with Yacht Works past the Great Lakes and into the southeast Florida market. We are very confident in our ability to grow our business with Russ and his entire organization”, said Bryan Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Everglades.

Founded in 1999 by the Dougherty family, Everglades Boats is a leading manufacturer of luxury family fishing boats based in Edgewater, Florida. They have won numerous awards for innovation, and are perhaps best known for their patented, RAMCAP construction process, which makes Everglades boats virtually unsinkable.


BENETTI DESIGN INNOVATION – Imagine Benetti’s tomorrow

Benetti – part of Azimut Benetti Group – opened the Monaco Yacht Show 2012 introducing the project Design Innovation. On September, 19th at Fairmont Hotel over 200 guests – journalists, brokers, captains and yacht designers together with Benetti Management Team – shared the future of Benetti’s design.

The most reputed international yacht designers has been asked to develop new design concepts for Benetti Custom yachts ranging from 50mt up to 90mt plus. The outcome is a fascinating journey to new frontiers of style, new ideas and new directions. Vincenzo Poerio – CEO Megayachts Business Unit – commented “Evolving the design, the style and the family-feeling imprinted on Benetti yachts by 140 years of history is as an ambitious task. But as tireless devotees of novelty, evolution and challenge, we had no alternative. Then again, looking ahead and anticipating the market has always been encoded in Benetti’s DNA. This is why we have decided to assign this challenge to the world’s most reputed yacht designers. Almost twenty firms of architects worked on dozens of designs concepts for new yachts in the 50 to 90+ meter range, offering possible new directions and interpretations for the future design of our mega-yachts. Excellence breeds excellence”.

Designers based their work on existing Benetti’s design platforms:
􀀀 50 x tbd < 500 GT
􀀀 55 x 9,6 (9,2 moulded beam) about 700 GT
􀀀 60 x 11,0 (10,6 moulded beam) about 1100 GT
􀀀 65 x 11,6 (11,2 moulded beam) about 1350 GT
􀀀 70 x 12,5 (12,1 moulded beam) about 1750 GT
􀀀 80 x 14,0 (13,2 moulded beam) about 2200 GT
􀀀 90 x 15,0 ( 14,2 moulded beam) < 3000 GT

At present, 16 yacht designers’ Firms are on board. However the project is open to qualified newcomers:
1. Axis – Horacio Bozzo Design
2. Bannenberg & Rowell
3. Marco Casali
4. Cor D Rover
5. Luiz De Bast
6. Luca Dini
7. Eidsgaard Design
8. Cristiano Gatto
9. Evan K Marshall
10. Studio Massari
11. Nauta Design
12. Neo Design
13. Prima Design
14. PS+A Palomba Serafini
15. Quarto Stile
16. Design Studio Spadolini

A great video of Couach 5000 Fly La Pellegrina, Take a look!

The premiere of the new Benetti Classic Supreme 132′ at Cannes

The new Benetti Classic Supreme 132 debutes on September 11th at the International Cannes Boatshow.

Petrus II, Benetti’s new jewel, is the first hull built in the new Classic range and represents a further evolution of the Benetti look, magnificently interpreted by the architect Righini, in complete harmony with the rest of the Benetti Class range, presently from 93 to 145 feet.

The new Benetti Classic Supreme 132 measures 40.24 meters overall, with a maximum beam of 8.28 meters. The project brief was guided by the necessity to present an ever more competitive vessel to the market, maintaining Benetti’s attention towards innovation intact. The owner’s cabin with a terrace, a double Jacuzzi (both on the forward upper deck and on the sun deck) and the open-air exterior stairways are just a few examples of this new model’s innovations.

The new Benetti Classic Supreme 132’ was designed to exalt the characteristics of a displacement yacht, with ample interior and exterior volumes, combined with a high level of on board comfort. Full hight windows on both the main and upper deck give greater light to the interior decks and a more racy look to the yacht’s profile. The attention to design is also visible by several new details: the external rotating pilot wings are retractable and disappear in the shearline; the navigation lights’ new design that increases their integration with the yacht’s exterior lines and make it appear more modern and captivating.

The interior designis autographed by Francios Zuretti, in collaboration with the yard’s internal design team. The interior furnishings of Petrus II are of natural oak and wengè, enriched with handmade leather inserts. Other special materials are also used: structural wengè to give a three dimensional effect, diamond shaped panels in ivory colored natural leather in the owner’s and the VIP cabins rise from behind the head of the berths and continue up to the ceiling, while in other spaces, like the main salon, there are recessed ceiling lights. A mix of marble, leather finish and mosiacs are used in the heads. As always, Benetti interiors are completely customizable. In coherence with the other models in the Class range of Benetti yachts, the Classic Supreme 32′ is equipped with innovative technological systems. The BEST platform (Benetti’s exclusive Sea Technology) integrates all onboard electronic systems (entertainment, home automation, communications and security) with a single user friendly interface. The integrated navigation system allows all the yacht’s navigation and communication’s systems to interact, giving a more secure and dependable management of the yacht. The design of the dashboard allows a more modern and efficient use of space with three monitors, three touch panels and three joysticks, which give control over the whole yacht with just a few instruments and lots of technology.

Main features:

One hundred square meters of sun deck give all guests comfort and privacy even above deck. Divided into four zones, the area is also equipped with a day-head, giving complete independence from the interior areas.

Highly refined loose furniture has been chosen directly by the owner. The sofa’s and poofs are from Dedon, the lunch chairs in Burma teak by Royal Botania, while the anchored coffee and lunch tables are designed by the Benetti style office, which as always has satisfied the owner’s most special desires.

The sun and all the other exterior decks, along with the rest of the wood used on board, use FSC certified teak, harvested from responsibly managed forests following rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. An umbrella is situtated over the Jacuzzi. All external furniture in fiberglass has been designed by the Benetti style office.

In the bow zone a fiberglass hardtop with integrated lighting and a centered electrically commanded curtain has been installed.

The exclusive layout of the exterior upper deck, with use here too of loose furniture, allows considerable flexibility. The on deck lunch table has twelve places and is designed by the Benetti design team.

The primary innovation on the upper deck is the open-air stairway, with a steel structure and teak steps. This gives us a spacious and sunny deck.

The sky lounge has two full height windows for exceptional panoramas, and to illuminate the card table and bar on one side, and the long couch on the other. In front of the long couch there is a low table with TV to enjoy in any case the view of the deck.

The ergonomic pilot wings are part of the sheer and placed to permit maximum visibility during manouvering.

The main salon is filled by natural light thanks to ample windows on both sides; the windows beside the lunch table are full height. The lunch table has the top in wengè and the base in wood with inlays in satin finished steel.

In the owner’s suite the walk-in closet is behind the bed and has a to entrances – one from the corridor/office and the other from beside the bed. The other feature is an extendible terrace that allows the owner to have a private veranda with a sliding floor and covering in his cabin. On the opposite wall there is a panoramic window. The TV is on the wall in front of the bed, surrounded by a frame. The head of the bed, as in the guest cabins, has diamond shaped panels finished with ivory leather. The bathroom has both walls and windows in Crème Champagne colored marble and the top of the sink in Bronze Amani.

LED’s have been chosen for decorative lighting fixtures. Strip-LEDS are found in the recesses (above the bedside tables and in the bathrooms), above and below the bath furniture in guest and owner’s bathrooms and in the curtains. Colored glass silver touch switches, lit by LED’s are in all the important areas, with coordinated wall sockets. The galley is white lacquered with a black marble countertop and grey vinal “Silver” flooring.

The guest’s four cabins – two VIP and two twin cabins – are above average in size and all have ample windows with a view of the sea. External borders and lowered beds give the sensation of total immersion in the outside world. All guest bathrooms are in Limestone marble.

A crew of seven is foreseen. The Commander’s cabin is located on the upper deck, as tradition demands of long range cruising vessels. The crew area hosts six crew in three cabins and is characterized by an ample open space with an integrated wash room area. Instead of a tender, the garage is replete with two water scooters. There is also a special place to stow the loose furniture when at sea.

Benetti Yachts Delfino 93… on Atelier India

Découvrez La Pellegrina, le plus grand yacht en composite de France

Cannes Boat Show 2012 , Chantier Naval Couach présent La Pellegrina, le plus grand yacht en composite de France.

Comme génétiquement programmé par l’exigence du luxe, Couach s’affirme sur le marché en revendiquant ses qualités marines qui font véritablement la différence. La Pellegrina est emblématique de cette posture sur le marché: un super yacht donnant le ton de nouvelles ambitions, d’une marque solidement enracinée sur un registre de performances, de technologies et de créativité.

Sur le plan technique, La Pellegrina fait appel à des technologies d’exception: la coque et les superstructures sont intégralement construites en un matériau inspiré des qualités du «kevlar®» avec renforts en carbone. La coque de La Pellegrina est la plus grande pièce jamais moulée selon le procédé spécifique d’infusion d’un seul tenant. Cette coque est nettement plus résistante aux chocs qu’une coque aluminium ou polyester classique. Le bateau est plus rigide, plus solide, plus léger et donc plus rapide et plus autonome. Le chantier naval Couach bénéficie du leadership mondial quant à la mise en oeuvre de cette technologie avec plus de 30 ans d’expérience. Cette expertise des navires professionnels est ainsi transposée sur la gamme yachts plaisance dont la conception répond aux contraintes imposées par le secteur militaire en matière de procédés de fabrication, fiabilité, sécurité en condition de mer extrême.

La carène en « V », une spécificité Couach, permet un passage en mer parfait, et un confort de navigation sans comparaison. L’excellent passage de vague permet aux yachts de maintenir leurs vitesses sans heurter la mer ni les passagers. Moins sollicités, les moteurs gagnent significativement en consommation et en confort acoustique. Les yachts Couach sont nés pour naviguer vite, loin et par tous les temps. La maîtrise et le savoir-faire de Couach en la matière font de ce chantier l’un des plus grands spécialistes en construction composite au monde.

A l’instar de ces qualités, La Pellegrina est dotée de moteurs de dernières générations (2 x 5.300 cv) et mobilise un poids record de seulement 296 tonnes pour une unité de cette taille. Lancée à pleine vitesse, elle peut atteindre la vitesse record de 30 nds, du jamais vu sur une unité de cette taille. À vitesse de croisière de 25 nds, La Pellegrina se comportera comme un yacht de 20 m, avec la même agilité, même dans des mers très formées.

Sur le plan écologique, la conception de La Pellegrina lui permet tout naturellement une consommation énergétique exemplaire. Grâce à sa légèreté et au design particulier de sa carène, le yacht navigue dans d’excellentes conditions affichant une consommation minime record de 180 L/h à 12 nds. Cette vitesse de croisière économique permet une complète autonomie transatlantique. Toujours sur le plan environnemental, le bateau intègre les équipements les plus performants en matière de traitement des eaux usées. Il peut ainsi naviguer dans les zones protégées très exigeantes sur le plan des rejets.

La vie à bord : un équipement de très grand confort
Sur le registre du confort, l’espace de vie touche à ce que le luxe offre de meilleur. Imaginé par le designer Jean-Pierre Fantini et décoré par Danièle Chopard, deux figures emblématiques du monde du Yachting depuis 20 ans, le bateau est une véritable ode à la perfection. La Pellegrina s’élève sur 4 niveaux différents et sur 12 mètres de haut. Avec ses 500 m2 habitables, le bateau peut accueillir 12 invités répartis dans 6 cabines avec un niveau de luxe extrême. La cabine armateur au pont supérieur bénéficie d’une vue panoramique et dispose d’un pont terrasse privatif, d’une salle de bain en marbre blanc équipée d’un hammam et d’un vaste dressing. Le navire présente un immense salon-salle à manger de 75 m2 avec des baies vitrées pleine hauteur donnant une vue imprenable sur la mer. Le sol du salon est recouvert de cuir, les cloisons sont en bois de sycomore et laques blanches, habillées par des encadrements en chrome et inox poli. Deux cuisines (une froide et une chaude), un bar avec plancha, ou encore un jacuzzi de 6 places sur le pont supérieur et divers appareils de gymnastique viennent compléter l’équipement à bord. Les matériaux nobles se succèdent : sélection de marbres italiens, sols en cuir, laques, chromes et boiseries raffinées. La technologie embarquée pilote la vie à bord, avec notamment un système entertainment centralisé comprenant un serveur vidéo de 1.000 films, bibliothèque musicale, TV et communications satellitaires, les invités accédant aux différentes fonctions grâce à des tablettes numériques permettant également de piloter toutes les fonctions domotiques du bateau (Air conditionné, stores, éclairages).